Jeb Bush: Caught in govt. sting, again

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According to Al Martin, writing in his column “Behind the Scenes in the Beltway,” Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been caught on camera with an unidentified woman during the FBI’s “Big Brother Is Watching You” Super Bowl super-surveillance program.

This high tech video system is evidently able to match surveillance photos in real time, like the system currently in place on the streets in the United Kingdom.

“Since the FBI had surreptitiously set up multiple surveillance cameras during the Super Bowl,” Al Martin writes, “there had been a substantial number of matches, including many people wanted for questioning, regarding allegations of espionage, terrorist activities, as well as a large assortment of escaped felons, parole and probation violators, etc.”

“Some high-level prominent politicians were also caught on camera, including Jeb Bush with an unknown attractive woman — not his wife. In this latest scandal, the FBI has a problem because they’re afraid that one of the women has threatened to file a lawsuit to obtain copies of the tape. The girlfriend is evidently asking for some hush money, after becoming aware that she and Jeb were photographed by the FBI. As you can imagine, the FBI is in a quandary.”

Al Martin adds more observations about the FBI, a continuation from the last column “Fraud As Usual at Redstone Arsenal,” as well as an explanation of double-dipping (and even triple dipping) which refers to illegally getting more than one pension from the US Government by retired federal employees.

For the record, this is not the first time that Jeb Bush has been caught on videotape in a compromising situation.

Terry Reed, author of “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” Penmarin Books told Mike Ruppert that infamous CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal had bragged to him that he had “insurance” in the form of proof that the Bush Boys were doing heavy drugs.

Seal’s evidence was an alleged DEA videotape of George W. Bush and Jeb Bush flying in to Tamiami Airport outside of Miami to pick up a couple of kilos of cocaine powder for a party.

Ruppert wrote, “Thanks to the UC’s or undercover agents, Barry Seal and Terry Reed were sent on a drug sting to meet some wealthy Texans,” writes Ruppert in his newsletter, “From the Wilderness” (

“It turns out that the wealthy Texans were George W and Jeb Bush who flew in on a family owned King Air to pick up the cocaine themsleves. Hidden DEA cameras filnmed the whole incident, including the tail number of the aircraft and both Bushes’ participation.”

According to Reed, nobody knew in advance who the buyers were.

The secret DEA video has never been shown publicly.

Ironically, the plane that had been the crown jewel in Barry Seal’s drug smuggling fleet, a 1982 Beechcraft King Air 200, after a convoluted series of transactions, ended up as George W. Bush’s personal aircarft.

Ruppert quotes Jerry Daniels, Executive Director of the Texas State Aircraft Pooling Board, who said, ” He [Bush] used to fly on that airplane all the time. He stopped when he became a presidential candidate because the state won’t let you fly its aircraft for political purposes.”

The question remains — was that the plane, George W. Bush’s favorite, called “Zero-Eight-Foxtrot” the one he used in the cocaine pickup at Tamiami Airport?

For the rest of the story about Jeb Bush’s latest surveillance video appearance, this time courtesy of the FBI, click here Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy

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