Independence day: What do we celebrate?

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This year, the annual celebration of deliverance from our historic English enemy comes like a gob of spit in the face, because the District of Criminals is touting the pseudo-independence of Iraq, not our own. Even in Baghdad, the celebration was not authentic. The occupation authorities did it a couple of days early, in secret, to forestall any possible disruption by islamocommunist monsters.

The conspirators for world government hate every expression of independence, because independence means something they do not control. Listen to what they say on Sunday. They will have to say something to satisfy us peons, but the obligatory things they say about independence will stick in their craws.

Where I grew up, there were parades on this day. Thousands of Americans would line the sidewalks. Suddenly, there would be a silence, unusual in so vast an assemblage. Mothers would shush their kids. Hats would come off. At the sight of Old Glory coming slowly down the street, grown men, men who had killed in battle, would cry without shame. Speakers would remind us that they had killed to preserve our independence.

There will be parades this Sunday, yes; they will celebrate not independence but our military dominance. Without saying so, the District of Criminals will celebrate our secret transformation from republic to empire, which they are now nailing down with the ferocity of shrews, but will not admit.

The most important thing we need to recognize on Sunday is that the independence we celebrate at our barbeques is gone, the victim of a century and more of treason, unmatched by any other country at any time on earth, treason passed down from father to son and to promising recruits like a bequest, from Prescott Bush to George I to George II and others.

Bush is a traitor. Keep repeating that until it sinks in. Bush is a traitor. It should go without saying that Hanoi John Kerry (D-North Vietnam) is a traitor. However innocuous and respectable the conspirators for world government have labored to make it, the irreducible fact remains that world government and the United States government are mutually exclusive.

They cancel each other out. They cannot exist at the same time and place. You can have one or the other – world government or the U.S. government – you cannot have both, for the same reason you cannot put two solid objects on the same site. If you are working for one, you are working against the other. If you are working for world government, you are trying to destroy the U.S. government, which is treason.

When Americans still ran our government, the conspirators called you and me “super patriots.” They ridiculed our loyalty. Now that they run it, they say we are disloyal. They say it is not enough to support our troops; we must support their policy. If we don’t, they accuse us of kinship with big, fat, stupid, white man Michael Moore.

They say that world government is the next logical step in the federal process that created the original American Union. But that Union was a compact between men who shared a common language, culture and Christian belief. How do we know world government is impossible?

Not long ago, in Saudi Arabia, our “ally,” a school caught fire and some girls escaped with no time to cover their faces. The police beat them back into the inferno and twelve were burned alive, a symptom of the Bush “religion of peace.” There is no way on earth we can form a government with such monsters.

So, let’s not fool ourselves. We are celebrating something that no longer exists. What are we up against? We are up against the communist universities, places like Harvard, where a professor has called for the extermination of the white race and Yale, the home of Bush/Kerry’s Skull & Bones, universities founded to propagate Christianity, since perverted.

We are up against the communist schools, where most of the nation’s kids are uneducated, where for twelve years they are brainwashed as in Communist China to believe it’s okay when Clinton drops his pants to ask for sex and when Bush illegally starts a war without a declaration.

We are up against the communist media, the left communist media represented by the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS), the Communist News Network (CNN), etc., and the right communist media personified by Shallow Sean Hannity, for instance, living proof that in this greatest of all countries even an accidental concentration of hot gas can be a star, if – if – he will swallow and disgorge every Bush press release, however preposterous it is.

We are up against the greatest showman in network talk radio, safely ensconced in the prestigious Media Whore chair at the Putrescence in Broadcasting Network, talent on loan from the Republicon National Committee, who routinely concocts justifications for what Bush is doing, as embarrassing as they are brilliant.

Day after day on my own modest radio talk show, when people lament some treasonous policy emanating from the District of Criminals, I ask the same question. No Republicon has ever called in to answer. The question is: How long could that policy continue after Bush picks up the telephone and says he wants it to stop?

There seems to be a bizarre, epidemic schizophrenia among otherwise superficially normal Republicons, who are incapable of connecting Bush policies to Bush. Because they have been trained to denounce any hint of conspiracy – any suggestion that effects are caused – because they have been brainwashed to endorse the Accidental Theory of History, because they believe things “just happen,” they can denounce the policies without attacking the man responsible for them.

The White House recently caved on the International Criminal Court, which patriots long since have been warning about. Regrettably, we were right again, which means that American military personnel could be taken from our country and tried as war criminals in a foreign court, without the protection of the Bill of Rights.

That is likely to happen, because we are making illegal war around the world. At Abu Ghraib we are accused of committing “atrocities,” because a man was forced to wear panties on his head and other embarrassments. How long could this potential I.C.C. disaster continue after Bush picks up the telephone and says he wants it to stop?

The White House is pushing the FTAA, the so-called Free Trade Area of the Americas, billed as the next logical step after NAFTA. The key word is “Area.” But FTAA has nothing to do with trade. It continues and intensifies the merger of these united States with the other nations of the hemisphere, a merger of the money, the system and the citizenship.

It takes more early steps toward the creation of a government, in which the former united States would be a mere “area,” a wide spot in the road. That is why the White House has destroyed our borders. Eventually, the conspiracy intends to unite regional governments like FTAA and the European Union into a single world government.

How long could all this continue after Bush picks up the telephone and says he wants it to stop? If Bush were not a traitor, he would reinstate and promote Michael New with full honors and back pay on Sunday. But he is, so he won’t. Could you ever have imagined that a man could be court-martialed and kicked out of the U.S. Army for refusing to wear the cover and insignia of another, hostile government? But it happened.

So, as we celebrate our independence this Sunday, remember. It is gone. Can we get it back? Can our republic be restored? History says it cannot. But remember that history said it could not be created. There had never, and still has never, been anything like it, anywhere on earth, and we, its rightful heirs, are still here.

There are encouraging signs. In England, in recent elections, patriots who want to restore the U.K.’s independence doubled their seats in the European Parliament, which they vow to destroy, and thereby humiliated Socialist puke Tony Blair’s Labor Party and the world government “Conservatives.”

I am reminded of a trip I made some years back to New Zealand. Some businessmen brought me there during a national election to lecture about what was then called the New International Economic Order, world government. I found myself in Dunedin, at the bottom of the South Island.

I looked around the hall. “Where is your flag?” I asked. They were puzzled. “What flag?” they asked. “The flag of your country. New Zealand.” They scratched their heads, wondering where I was going with this. Why did we need their flag? They said they didn’t have one, but that the Army base might. They were humoring me, of course. I was their guest. They had to be polite.

We piled into a truck and drove out there. Sure enough, the officer of the day was able to scrounge up a flag of New Zealand. I had never seen one and did not know what it was, but I took his word for it. That night, at the lecture hall, the flag of New Zealand stood proudly beside the dais, where I had told them to put it.

Before I started to tear world government apart, I asked them to sing their national anthem and salute their flag. How droll! He wants us to sing the national anthem! They looked at each other, smiling furtively. What a crazy American! Again, I had no idea what their national anthem was.

While they saluted and sang, I stood in silent respect, watching, marveling that a foreigner who had never been to their country had to teach them to honor it. After a moment, they began to sing to each other. The longer they sang, the lustier they got and the more they seemed to like it.

In the next election, they kicked the Socialists out.

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