Independence day: What a legacy

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You’ll pardon me if I don’t share in this year’s July 4th celebration. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to celebrate our independence from one throne of injustice while surrendering into the tyranny of another. Although I do treasure our precious gift of freedom and would fight to protect it, I cannot celebrate with a joyful heart and a clear conscience the “freedom” America now indulges. It is a “re-invented” freedom; a freedom FROM honesty, decency, integrity, justice, responsibility and accountability; a fraudulent freedom of forbidden fruit offered by socialist serpents with a satanic agenda.

Here is a list of some “freedoms” now being enjoyed this Forth of July while we shoot off our bottle rockets and get drunk at the lake.

1. The president is now free to bypass congress and create new laws for Americans in the form of Presidential Executive Orders.

2. The president is now free to rape or sexually abuse any woman or girl he finds sexually stimulating without fear of prosecution.

3. The president and the DNC are now free to obtain campaign cash from anyone, anywhere, by any means possible, legal or otherwise.

4. The president and his wife are now free to blackmail anyone they wish with illegally obtained information from stolen FBI files.

5. The president and Attorney General are now free to burn alive any uncooperative churchgoers and children who refuse to at least TRY and escape while under machine-gun fire.

6. The president is now free to lie as much and as often as he deems necessary to save his job; even while under oath.

7. The president is now free to bomb any country he wishes if the American public’s attention needs to be diverted away from his criminal activity.

8. The president is now free to make any and all incriminating witnesses disappear if they know too much.

9. The president is now free to have any outspoken critic, political enemy or hostile witness audited by the IRS if they need to be taught a lesson.

10. The president is now free to re-classify our nation’s military as The Meals On Wheels Brigade.

11. The president is now free to snort as much cocaine as his big red nose can hold as long as he oversees the “war on drugs”.

Of all the “freedoms” America now enjoys, nothing better illustrates our nation’s depravity than the partial birth abortion. Who would have thought that a God-fearing nation like ours could one day be persuaded into believing that pulling an unborn child, 5 1/2 months along, feet first out of its mother’s body and stabbing it in back the head with surgical shears to make a hole for the brains to be sucked out with a vacuum tube until the skull collapses would EVER become ANYONE’S right? But, like all things liberal, it begins with pragmatic lies, followed by seductive solutions that end in misery and death.

No, I’ve never been an unwed mother or an accidental father. But, I AM a bastard child born out of wedlock, who by the grace of God and the courage, compassion and conviction of a selfless birth mother was safely delivered into the loving arms of adoptive parents who like thousands more today wait patiently for unwanted children. Furthermore, I will continue to be a bastard when it comes to the legalization of partial birth abortion. As the late Edna Gladney, founder of the Gladney Adoption Center in Ft. Worth, Texas so aptly put many years ago. “There are no illegitimate children….only illegitimate parents.”

Let’s not forget the president’s own expert (stooge), Ron Fitzsimmons, lobbyist for Planned Parenthood and executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP) and his shocking confession about that ABC News Nightline interview he gave: “I lied through my teeth”, he said. “I told my wife the next day, I can’t do this again”, after claiming that D&X procedures, (partial birth abortions) were only performed in rare instances where the mother¹s life was in danger; admitting, “I just went out there and spouted the party line.” The truth is, there are roughly 4000 partial birth abortions performed each year and the vast majority of them involve healthy mothers and healthy babies AT LEAST 20 weeks along. As if that wasn’t bad enough, harvesting body parts for fetal tissue research has become big business here in America as well. I’m including a handy little link for those of you who would care to see some documentation of these ongoing atrocities.

Look at all of the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over Elian Gonzales’ aborted attempt at a new life here in America and the cruel way it was all taken away from him. The TV and news coverage is endless! Maybe if we snuck a photographer into an abortion clinic to catch an action shot of the physician¹s scissors being pointed at some poor baby’s head during delivery the way that MP5 was pointed at Elian’s, we could drum up a little outrage for tortured and murdered infants. But then, that would infringe on the liberal media’s “freedom” to cover up the global elite’s UN agenda to depopulate the planet of its “human weeds” and “useless eaters”. Abortion is only one of many genocidal programs underway to expedite their plan of “sustainable development”. And, with morality being as twisted as it is these days, it might be viewed by the general public as obscene to show such violence on television…. that last remaining playground of peace and purity.

As we butcher our hapless offspring and pass around their body parts to find cures for our own ailments and afflictions, maybe this Independence Day we should all just take a moment to salute those countless little people whose lives are shamelessly snuffed out every day in the name of independence; an independence from God. My, what a legacy.


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