Illuminati reality bubble: Hijacked by the bankers

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Modern society is based on a solipsism created by Illuminati (Cabalist) Jewish bankers and their Masonic minions.

The word “solipsism” means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with Truth.

The word was coined in 1874 from the Latin solus “alone” and ipse “self”.

It is the view that self is the only object of real knowledge or the only thing that is real.

The New World Order is dedicated to replacing Truth with a solipsism created by the same people who create money from nothing and charge interest.

What is Truth? On the material plane, it is the natural design, the most efficacious functioning of the natural realm. On a spiritual plane, it is God, who is the ultimate reality, another name for absolute truth, beauty, love, harmony and justice, what all human beings naturally crave.

Our mission is to embody these ideals.

On the other hand, the Illuminati say man is already God. Man excels by manifesting his worst qualities which Satanists think are his best.


Instead of being dedicated to Truth, humanity has been hijacked by the bankers. The “New World Order” is a solipsism that stymies and enslaves mankind while increasing the bankers’ power and wealth.

Modern culture is based on replacing reality with this Illuminati Jewish solipsism, sometimes called “secular humanism.” Anything that goes against this program dies on the vine from lack of funding and notice.

This is not a recent development. I expect it has been going on since before Christ. But the modern chapter probably began with the return of the Jews to England in the early Seventeenth Century and the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694.

British and later American imperialism have been the instruments of the “Jewish Conspiracy.” The New World Order is an extension of this.

The bankers have created a solipsism that portrays the material world as “red in tooth and claw” (Darwin etc.) and mired in class conflict (Marx.) This way the bankers harnessed the workers to eliminate their competition.

Meanwhile Nietzsche pronounced God dead. “Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?” he wrote. They reject the inherent moral order because it interferes with their monopoly of wealth.

“Think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism (Evolution), Marxism (Communism), Nietzsche-ism (Socialism). To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim.” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2).

This solipsistic process has not abated.  Today, scientists who detect an intelligent force at work in nature are fired from their jobs.

The bankers also champion the dogma that reality is unknowable and that researchers and artists are depicting themselves.

For example, postmodernist Hayden White writes, “historical narratives are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found..”

WRONG. History is the record of the gradual enslavement of mankind by the Illuminati. Naturally, they want us to believe objectivity is impossible and history unfathomable.

Meanwhile, instead of art, they hype perversity. The bestselling novel of 2008 was about hemorrhoids. Modern art is devoted to destroying the “uplifting potential of art, literature and music…” (Michael Minnichino, The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness.)

Modern literature normalizes “alienated” people who became dysfunctional because they attempted to supplant God.


Organized Jewry is funded and controlled by the Illuminati bankers. These bankers are not even Jewish; they belong to a satanic cult (the Sabbatean-Frankists) who intermarry with Gentile generational satanists. They are humanity’s shadow.

Throughout history, they have championed “revolution.” The real occult meaning of revolution is the overthrow of God. They have financed and trumpeted anything that challenges or undermines the salutary natural and moral order: “sexual liberation”; “homosexual rights”; feminism; abortion –all designed to disconnect people from the natural cycle of marriage and reproduction. “Multiculturalism” and diversity breaks down national character and cohesion.

“We will undermine every collective identity but our own,” the Protocols say.

Look at the current offerings of the cable network Home Box Office for example.

“True Blood” is pornography, vampires ravishing and killing  young women. “Hung” – the exploits of a male gigolo. “Entourage” – height-challenged talent agents making lucrative deals. All feature explicit sex.

The movies this month: “Walkout” glorifies Hispanic minorities who want to take back the American Southwest. And Rosie O’Donnell’s family cruise- champions homosexual families.

Jews are aware of their tendency to self-absorption. Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO satirizes his selfishness and inability to consider others. Canadians can watch Ken Finkleman’s embarrassing knock-off, Good Dog on HBO Canada. Both men model Jewish dysfunction and help to make it universal.


The Illuminati controlled entertainment industry and media inducts humanity into their Cabalist Satanism. “Secularism” is merely a cover for this. They control our politicians too or their media monopoly would have been broken up.

Human beings tend to be unthinking conformists and can’t imagine that society has been thoroughly corrupted. Monkey see; monkey do. And most of what monkey sees is degrading and often disgusting.

It’s no coincidence that “slut walks” and children raised “gender-free” are front-page news.

It’s no coincidence that the media does not elevate us morally, or make us feel good about being human. It’s no coincidence that it never depicts history accurately. No coincidence that it rarely exposes the universal, but instead fixates on the trivial.

We are being drawn into a solipsism that inverts good and evil; truth and lies. We are being inducted into a satanic cult.


Society has allowed this vicious satanic conspiracy to fester and thrive in our midst because it is sponsored by the richest and most powerful elements.

Ninety five per cent of Jews aren’t privy to the Illuminati banker agenda. Nonetheless they must appreciate that this ancient agenda is the cause of anti-Semitism. The Protocols of Zion is not a forgery.

Most Jews I know are not interested in the truth, no matter what it is, if it forces them to examine their preconceptions. They have been conditioned to believe any criticism is due to irrational hatred.

This attitude makes them easily manipulated. For example, the Illuminati bankers put Hitler into power partly to establish the State of Israel as their  world government religious HQ.

All national and religious groups have been subverted and manipulated. We need to begin the long process of cleansing. Otherwise we will continue to be accomplices in our own demise.

Finally, the Illuminati have elevated subjectivity to a god in order to recast reality in their own satanic image. Our modern worldview is a solipsism and, with the possible exception of science, has little value or legitimacy.

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