Hurricane Sandy – 10/29/2012 Hurricane Erin – 09/11/2001

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For any who have read the book, “Where Did The Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood, the image of water filling Ground Zero (‘Sandy leaves death, damp and darkness in wake’) strongly resonates with the subject matter in Chapter 5 (The Bathtub), Chapter  6 (Seismic Impact), Chapter 18 (Hurricane Erin) and Chapter 20 (Tesla-Hurricane-Magnetometer Correlation).

The WTC Complex was not built on originally dry land, but reclaimed from the Hudson River bed. IF the Twin Towers had been brought down in accord with the official FedGov Fairy Tale, the impact of the falling debris would have crushed the fragile bathtub foundation underneath the WTC Complex. The Hudson River would have come rushing back into its space, filling up and destroying all of the NYC/NJ interconnecting subways. Instead of the temporary flow from the storm surge at ground level (as seen in this picture from Hurricane Sandy), the water would have come from below and been unceasing. NYC could well have died right then and there. (NYC subways crippled by superstorm floodwaters.)

At the beginning of the WTC2 destruction, do you remember the image of the upper 300 foot chunk of the tower rotating over (See Figures 5c and 5d) and then … disappearing as it fell? It disintegrated into dust on the way to the ground. If that 300 section of WTC2 had fallen 1000 feet and impacted the ground, it would have ruptured the bathtub for certain. But there was no massive impact at the base of the WTC Complex. How did that not happen? WDTTG informs the reader as to what really happened.

Those who have explored the detailed analysis of Dr. Judy Wood know that seismic impact of the falling Twin Towers was less than the demolition of the 250 foot tall King Dome in Seattle. Both the bathtub foundation and the subway/shopping mall underneath the World Trade Center Complex were relatively undamaged from the fall of two (2) quarter mile tall buildings made from steel, aluminum and concrete. How does that make any sense? WDTTG informs the reader as to what really happened.

Hurricane Sandy was reported to be a Category 1 storm (74-95 mph winds) when it made landfall. It has visited massive damage on the area (The Most Unbelievable but Real Pictures of Sandy’s Destruction). Hurricane Erin was a Category 3 storm (111 to 129 mph winds) ESE of NYC and headed straight for the City, but there was virtually no reporting of the coming catastrophe? Consider how the news of Hurricane Sandy has blanketed the media this past week. How does one reconcile the difference? WDTTG informs the reader as to what really happened.

Being raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is common knowledge that hurricanes take paths that are unpredictable but plodding and not subject to rapid change of direction. As one can read in chapters 18 and 20, Erin took an abrupt 135 degree right turn AWAY from NYC at exactly the same time the Twin Towers were disintegrated. How does that happen? WDTTG informs the reader as to what really happened.

The cover up of what really happened on 09-11-2001 and that event being used to initiate baseless wars in the Middle East have been far worse than the grievous events on that fateful day. If the sheeple of AmeriKa ever wake up and recognize the weapon technology demonstrated on NYC, the world could change in a day. Get this most important of books and read it. It is cornerstone, foundational, necessary, prerequisite information for comprehending what really happened on 09-11-2001 and since.

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