Human rights museum: Monument to hypocrisy

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Little yellow stars reminiscent of those Nazis made Jews wear will be given to schoolchildren visiting holocaust exhibits at the “Museum of Human Rights” planned for Winnipeg at a cost of $300 million.

The stars will not read “Jude” but they could.

They symbolize the brainwashing most Jewish children receive, and ensure that gentiles embrace the culture-killing policies of the New World Order. The “stars of hope” are appropriate because these children are marked for cultural and spiritual extinction.

The Museum of Genocide is the brainchild of the late media mogul Israel Asper and is being carried forward by his family, which owns “Canwest Global” the largest newspaper chain in Canada as well as TV networks in Canada and abroad.

While nothing ever can justify genocide, anti-Semitism always has been caused by the kind of ideology this museum represents. “Diversity” is an insulting elite mind control program, never debated democratically, designed to undermine the majority European Christian heterosexual national identity by empowering cultural and sexual minorities. In other words, the Aspers or whomever they represent, have learned nothing from history or plainly don’t wish to.

The purpose of “Diversity” is to force the majority to forfeit its values and heritage to a world financial dictatorship. By conferring a quasi-sacred status on select “persecuted minorities,” it stigmatizes as genocidal bigots anyone who dares speak for the dispossessed majority.

The human race is in the grip of Lucifer-loving megalomaniacs who represent a marriage of Jewish financial and British-American dynastic families. To be successful, our political and cultural leaders must cater to them. In turn, this elite is happy to let many Jews (as well as gentiles) advance their agenda and all Jews take the blame for it.


To sample the emotional assault that unwary visitors will encounter, watch the Museum’s 20-minute promotional video. (Don’t skip the mawkish flash introduction. The video loads automatically afterward.)

Combine this psychological coercion with graphic displays of genocide and you have a trauma brainwashing facility. It boasts a “life altering experience” that will turn 250,000 visitors a year into “proactive” change-agents.

The video mentions injustices against Jews, Native Indians, Ukrainians, Rwandans, Cambodians and Bosnians. Conspicuously missing are the Palestinians. The Aspers of course are Zionists; their media outlets pump Israel, the Iraq War and the bogus War on Terror.

Absent from museum walls will be murals of Palestine children gunned down by Israeli soldiers or Rachel Corrie crushed by an Israeli army tractor. Pontificating about human rights while supporting an ideology that stole Palestinian homes, and keeps a million people penned like animals is hypocritical to say the least. If Israel’s only purpose were a “Jewish homeland,” we would have had peace long ago.

They mention the Ukrainian famine genocide; Winnipeg has a large Ukrainian population. I doubt however they will mention that Stalin and most Communist leaders were ethnic Jews, and that the real cause of anti-Semitism was (and is) the prominence of some Jews in the Communist contagion that now takes the form of world government. I suspect that many atrocities like the Iraq War can be traced to this agenda.

There is no mention of the incineration of 250,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If they do include it, I doubt they will explain the role of international bankers like Bernard Baruch in the development of the atomic bomb and decision to use it. These bankers may have lent the Aspers the roughly $2 billion required to buy their newspaper chain.

I doubt if they will honor the more than 600,000 German civilians that died in Allied bombing raids and the millions more that died after the war concluded.

They plan a wall with the inscription “None is Too Many” to commemorate the failure of Western countries to take endangered Jewish refugees. I doubt they will explain that certain elements of the Jewish leadership was responsible for these policies designed to justify the creation of Israel.

I don’t expect to see giant portraits of Ernst Zundel and David Irving who have been imprisoned merely for scrutinizing the Jewish Holocaust story. Human rights indeed!

Leaving Jewish issues aside, they talk about human rights abuses in Darfur when thousands of divorced fathers here in Canada are routinely discriminated against by feminist dominated court and social services. They cannot see their biological children. The hidden agenda is the destruction of the nuclear family.

No doubt this museum will also celebrate the combining of heterosexual and homosexual marriage, part of an undeclared war on heterosexuals and families. (See my “Canada Redefines Marriage.”)

Somehow I doubt if the Aspers will refuse advertising from Wal-Mart, built on the sweatshops of China and the de-industrialization of America.

In the video, they honor the Jesuit-trained pedophile Pierre Trudeau and the Soviet fellow traveler Lester Pearson. I think you get the idea. This museum is a propaganda machine for the NWO; it is Willy Munzenberg or Edward Bernay’s wet dream.


Our human rights are God-given. I don’t think the word God is mentioned once. This museum is a pagan temple. Its sponsors wish to replace God-given rights, the freedom to obey the Creator’s voice in our divine soul, with human rights which they define and apply.

The museum resembles a cathedral with a wet tissue thrown over it. A “Hall of Commitment” leads to a “Human Rights Observatory” just below a steeple called “The Tower of Hope.” From there glass elevators lead down to the “heart of the facility,” a “meditation garden” at the base where visitors can “share stories.”

The museum bears a physical resemblance to a “Temple of Understanding” that elitists had planned to build in Washington DC in the 1960’s. It was to celebrate the six great world religions, a perfect way to dilute the importance of Christianity, the religion of 85% of Americans.

Elites keep pushing for a “United Nations of Religions” as if religious differences caused the world’s problems. Religious, national, sexual or racial differences are not the problem. The problem is the subversive elite program to destroy these differences and melt the human race into an amorphous pulp to be remolded according to their specifications.


This “human rights” museum teaches people that their identity consists of embracing specific “differences” and that it is “hateful” and not “inclusive” to uphold one’s own Christian and European heritage.

The elite wraps itself in piety while committing the most egregious abuses itself.
The right to know the truth is the most basic right of all. Yet Canwest doesn’t cover the elite plan for world government. Instead it peddles the lies about 9-11 and advances the Zionist agenda.

Canada would earn international praise by spending $300 Million on a Museum of Western Civilization. Instead it builds this brainwashing facility, which should be cancelled before it causes social discord.
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