How to tell Bush is lying? His lips are moving!

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The Bush Administration keeps trying to explain why a war for “regime change” is so necessary. That we are being lied to so prolifically and so transparently, is not only obvious to the casual observer, it is offensive even to the terminally gullible. In fact the entire effort could qualify as some sort of “dumb blonde” skit on late night TV, were the subject not of such solemn import.

I don’t believe, no matter how many “Bush- Whackers” repeat it, that Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein are accomplices. What’s worse, I don’t believe that George Bush believes it either.

In contrast to the Bush team, the former NATO commander, General Wesley Clark, seems to think that invading Iraq is counter-productive. His reasoning is hard to perforate. “Attacking Iraq will detract from our primary mission against al-Qaeda, supercharge anti-American sentiment in the Arab street and boost al-Qaeda’s recruiting.”

The nations bordering Iraq do not fear Saddam Hussein, and they don’t seem to be clamoring for US intervention, so why is Saddam Hussein such a threat to a nation half way around the world that he cannot reach with any weapons, except an immigrant terrorist?

The Bush League points out that Saddam has refused to comply with U.N. weapons inspectors. By that reasoning, The U.N. could, at some future time, demand to strip search the United States for weapons, or even serve search warrants on individual American homes. Would Bush permit this? This is a serious question because if an American President allows U.N. resolutions and mandates to trump the U.S. Constitution, he is promoting world government, and surrendering the Republic.

Remember that Bush has had plenty of time to ask Congress for a declaration of war, as prescribed by the Constitution, but to date has not. This removes a cornerstone of self-government from the American people and places it squarely with the United Nations, furthering the “New World Order”, a term that George Bush Senior bandied about frequently.

The Bush League wants us to link Iraq with the 9-11 terrorists. They haven’t made their case here, either. There is far more evidence that Saudi Arabia is inextricably linked with the 9-11 hijackers, yet we hear no bellicose rhetoric from the Bush administration where the Saudis are concerned.

They want us to believe that the United States will be a safer place, once the Baghdad Bad-Boy has been eliminated. Shortly after we bomb Iraq into submission, kill or scare off Iraq’s leader, and otherwise show up the Arab world with our audacity and hypocrisy, the threat level is sure to fall into the normal range.

Trotting out their latest “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction, one of the network news trio said of an unmanned aerial drone: “If transported to the United States it could be used to spread chemical or biological materials.”  Laughable. The same thing can be said of a bicycle. Prior to that they were displaying an inert, demilitarized shell casing. It is the same type of souvenir that can be seen adorning the entrance to the local VFW Chapter.

Fans, the Bush bandwagon is heading for a cliff and the brake handle has been sawed off. The only question that remains is who will be taken down with him and how many? When the flag draped caskets arrive at Dover Air Force Base will Bush be there to welcome them? And what legacy has Bush consigned to them?

In a scene from the movie Full Metal Jacket, a squad of Marines laments the death of a fallen comrade at their feet:

“Well at least he died for a good cause.”

“What cause was that?”


“Flush out your head gear, New Guy. Do you think we waste (the enemy) for freedom? This is a slaughter. If I’m getting my (body part) shot off for a word, my word is…(profanity). “

What will Bush say about our servicemen and to their friends and families who will pay the terrible price of empire? Will he say they died for a noble cause?  Will he say they died to protect and defend the U.S.  Constitution? Predictably, yes, he will say these things, and sadly, it will be another lie. Hopefully, it will be the last lie a Bush administration has to tell.

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