Hollywood hates America: The capitol of liberalism

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Nothing shows the vacuousness of network television more than the two-year-long obsession with so-called ‘reality TV.’

These shows prove that the Hollywood ‘creative people’ can’t create anything. So, instead, they spend their days dreaming up ways to show lots of good-looking bodies in various states on undress.

The latest – NBC’s FOR LOVE OR MONEY – masquerades as a contest for two dozen women to find the “man of their dreams.” Then they trot out the object – Rob Campos – a lawyer who, it has now been revealed, was heaved out of the Marines for drunkenly groping a female JAG officer in Newport, Rhode Island.

But, just to show the Hollywood thinking on ‘true romance’ they secretly added a ‘kicker’ into the show’s format: the winning woman also gets one million dollars! So the lesson to be learned by the millions who lap up these shows is: trickery with the heart and body for money is to be celebrated.

We could all write it off as “just TV,” but we should fear the poison these shows spread throughout society. The young learn behavior from TV – sad as this is to admit.

To see so many attractive women on these shows admitting on camera that they are in it for the money and then turn their charms onto Rob Campos (who does not know about the $1M prize) is to lionize a subtle form of prostitution.

No wonder half of all marriages now end in divorce. If romance has become more about the wallet than the heart then we are going to continue to be a dysfunctional society.

Hollywood’s reality show craze proves another point: they can’t create clever shows or movies like they used to.

In the old days Hollywood writers were simply the best. From CASABLANCA to ROMAN HOLIDAY to hundreds of other movies, those well-trained writers knew how to craft a compelling story.

Today, movies and shows out in L.A. are written by committee – with ‘politically correct’ criteria being a must. Thus every story has to have an anti-religious, anti-‘square,’ sexually deviant component. No wonder so many of the shows and movies are box office and ratings disasters.

And Hollywood liberals – by using their shows as tools to promote their political views – have made themselves a permanent political issue. While Hollywood finances the Left, the conservatives correctly brand Hollywood now as the Capitol of Liberalism.

And all the while the social fabric of this nation deteriorates through behavior modification and learning from the movies and shows.

Fashion, language and male-female behavior are all learned through TV and movies. And what our young are learning is a total disaster.

The only hope we have is that counter-programming and independent movies – and major financial setbacks – will push Hollywood back toward the political center.

Please make no mistake about this: our young ape the entertainment they soak up day and night. If it is rotten, their characters will become rotten.

We need to address this problem head-on.

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