Help arm our pilots!: Is it necessary for more to die?

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For twenty years the Federal Aviation Agency had a provision in its administrative codes allowing airlines to provide for the arming of flight crews. In one of those inexplicable ironies of life, when this provision became most significantly relevant in the aftermath of 9-11 security evaluations regarding airline safety, those very provisions came due for expiration. And of course, our self-serving, know-it-all, appointed bureaucrats and their elected sponsors succumbed to the policy decisions and better technical judgment of special interests.

And who are these technical geniuses and world-renowned “experts” and special interests freely offering their gifted expertise and technical savvy? None other than Second Amendment haters Sarah Brady, Rosie O’Donnell and the Violence Policy Center. These know-it-alls and their marketers in the mainstream media and Hollywood are now causing the Bush administration to cringe in terror, and therefore contributing directly to the next massive loss of life on the part of law-abiding, taxpaying, innocent American citizens.

Airlines have had the option for twenty years to inform their pilots of the FAA-approved provision of allowing them to be armed. Why haven’t they followed through and notified their pilots and set the practice in place? Clearly, the negative gun propaganda originated by Sarah Brady, Rosie O’Donnell, the Marxist dimwits and dim-bulbs comprising Hollywood’s “useful idiots,” and the propaganda-babbling left-liberal Marxist media have created a public relations pressure precluding both the airlines and their insurance companies from taking this kind of a risk.

And how much did the avoidance of such a risk cost them? How much did it cost us, the American taxpayer for Sarah Brady’s genius? It cost us the 3,000 human lives of our fellow American countrymen and $15 billion of our money, which Bush graciously handed over to the stupid airlines and their stupid insurance companies for not implementing “sensible gun control.” Too bad Sarah Brady and Rosie O’Donnell weren’t among those victimized by their own rotten, lousy gun control! Arab street punks with box cutters took out our fellow citizens. Thanks Sarah! Thanks Rosie!

And of course, this victim disarmament “logic” now terrorizes Bush and technicolor security blanket director Tom “Linus” Ridge! Is it necessary for more Americans to die before these geniuses get the picture?

The Airline Pilots Security Alliance [APSA] and Front Sight firearms training center and range, have joined forces in trying to muster support to convince the Bush administration to take the required action in entrusting pilots further and empowering them to more actively and effectively protect their passengers. They are asking for the citizenry to contact the White House directly to petition for the arming of airline pilots. I think it’s a smashingly good idea! I’ve already sent my e-mail to the White House – and what follows is my memo, which you may wish to duplicate and send forward as well:

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The Honorable George W. Bush
United States of America
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

Dear President Bush:

Sir, I urge you to do the right thing and arm our commercial airline pilots. Most of these highly professional people have had training in both aviation as well as sidearm qualification in our military. Considering the responsibility a commercial pilot has to ensure the safety of passengers in his or her charge, this additional, outstanding protection afforded to the flying public will cost taxpayers nothing, yet increase airline safety immensely.

The Second Amendment is not a myth, as Chuck Schumer would like us all to believe — pilots are people, and very responsible ones. They are in a position of safety conscious initiatives and the protection of human life more so than any doctor, police officer or Armed Forces General on a daily basis. If they cannot be trusted by our government, then who in our society does your administration trust as regards the law-abiding citizenry of our nation?

A gunfight in an aircraft between a federal Marshall and a terrorist will never result in the equivalent of four fully blown out cabin windows, the latter causing the rapid cabin depressurization necessary to create a serious emergency aboard the aircraft. Pilots should be armed and bring firearms into use as a defensive measure only.

The simple knowledge on the part of terrorists that flight crews are armed will do wonders to prevent future 9-11s, and also make me eager to fly once again!

Very respectfully,

Your name

Send this to [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your support!

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