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What is the cultural potential from globalization in the West? Take a good look at France and the ethnic violence that is currently engulfing that country. Globalism, while highly profitable for corporations and the average consumer is happy with the prices of merchandise in their “Made in China” products, the underlying cancerous reality from this global village construct, is immigration.

Some villages with engrained cultural dogma refuse to assimilate into their new environment. No matter how much the establishment tries to spin this bit of reality, it is simply the way it is. Open border immigration is asking for a violent ethnic confrontation sometime into the not to distant future for any Western country that has a policy for massive immigration from the East.

France is currently experiencing the definitive reality for their insane immigration policies that have allowed millions of Muslims to immigrate into a highly arrogant culture that has not permitted for complete cultural and economic assimilation.

There are about 5 to 6 Million Muslims in France which constitutes about 10 percent of their entire population. With birth rates among Muslims at a much higher rate than their French counterparts, the uniqueness that once defined the great French culture, which is based in Christianity and language, is now at odds with a fast growing foreign culture within their society. The same thing is happening in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Europe is committing cultural suicide, and so is the United States. Leftists that argue for massive immigration come up with nonsensical explanations of natural racism and economic strangulation by the hosting country when the cultural divide explodes into violence. Realistically, that does not describe the inherent problem with current immigration policies in the West; it is the typical emotional standard that emanates from our current crop of politicians. Their policies in economic and political globalization with substantial immigration at its core, is destroying the intricate fabric that makes Western culture unique and successful.

It is reasonable to recognize that a sane policy of limited legal immigration that the economy can absorb without to much difficulty can allow for timely assimilation for immigrants into their new country. It is a suicidal policy to allow for massive immigration from culturally diverse areas of the world where the contemporary result is massive ethnic ghettos with high unemployment and seething anger.

Like it or not, the melting pot does not work as it was meant to work, when the pot overflows, the result is not the adjustment of the new culture towards the sponsor, the result is the absorption of the old into the new.

Take a good look at what is happening in the United States with massive illegal immigration from Mexico, the result is not assimilation by the invading culture but the displacement of the old. Spanish in some States has become a matter of fact, governments at the State and local level have been forced to become bilingual. The United States is presently under invasion by illegal immigrants that is quickly changing the demographics for the States that are under this assault. The end result of this invasion and subsequent inaction by the federal government is not hard to predict.

When the federal government in the United States refuses to apply its own immigration laws towards illegal immigration from the south, then the outcome will inevitably be ethnic tensions and violence that is currently engulfing France. It is the balkanization of American culture in particular and Western culture in general. Bosnia, Kosovo, and now France are good examples of how open immigration eventually Balkanizes a nation then erupts into ethnic violence.

Historically, Western and Eastern cultures have been diametrically opposed to each other, fighting many wars over the centuries. Nothing has changed in the geo-political structure between the West and East other than the West has been infected by a perverse leftist elitist notion of a “global village” of nations brought together by technology and economics, working together for the betterment of humanity. Of course, this sounds and looks good in a visually and audibly stimulated society such as ours, but it is contradictory in the face of reality, when one side of the equation finds all this technological utopianism as unfamiliar and decadent.

Imperialism by the West in the Middle East and Central Asia is an additional source of contention where the conquered decide to immigrate too the land and country of the conquerors, while still holding an intricate hostility towards the modern day Romans. Another look at France identifies this to be the case, the old colonial arrogance has come back to trouble the French. It is the Algerians, the Morrocans, and other minorities from the former colonies that are in the streets torching everything French.

France is now in a violent reality due to their inappropriate immigration policies, they are basically in a position of an “acte de guerre,” unfortunately for the French and old Europe, it is “c’est la vie” for the most part, nothing much will be done to stem the tied that is destroying their heritage and future.

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