Fort courage: The mindless middle’s war without borders

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When examining the current realities of the war against Iraq, the image of the classic TV sitcom F-Troop comes to mind. One can imagine the bumbling characters of that show riding out to kill Indians while at the same time leaving the gate to Fort Courage wide open for an invasion.

No, the U.S. military is not a bunch of bumbling idiots. The U.S. military may be the greatest killing machine ever known to man. The fact that Iraqi’s are throwing down their arms in droves is a testament to that. Lets hope this continues.

The U.S. leadership on the other hand is whole different proposition. As the brilliant and awesome display of force engages the Iraqi military, like “Fort Courage”, the gates to the United States have been left wide open. Even worse, while the invasion of Iraq is happening the Mexican military has moved 18,000 troops to the border with the United States to protect Americans from terrorists invading the country from Mexico.

To be crystal clear, this would be equivalent to the Cavalry in F-Troop allowing the Indians to guard the gate while they go and hunt the Indians.

The Mexican military has recently been video taped by American Border Patrol attempting to smuggle hundreds of illegal aliens into the United States. This is a regular event. They have also been known to conduct drug smuggling and have repeatedly entered the United States illegally.

Maybe the Bush administration has finally heard the calls to militarize the borders and drop his no borders policies, but I think it is safe to say that most were calling for the United States military to protect the border not the Mexican military.

It should be noted that it is the constitutional duty of the president and our government to defend our border, not the Mexican government. We have been told that the United States military was not equipped to defend the border but we are to accept that the Mexican military is. If safety of civilians on either side of the border were an issue, most would agree that the United States military could be trusted more than the Mexican military.

Do you think the Mexican military will prevent terrorists from entering the United States or aid them? That’s a good question. Lets hope that the terrorists won’t offer the corrupt Mexican military as much money as the drug dealers do.

Most Americans support the troops in battle. Most hope for a speedy victory in Iraq with as little American casualties as possible. Outside of the far left anti-war anti-American types this is an accurate assessment. Those on the right that oppose the war have maintained their patriotism throughout.

What those in the mindless middle don’t understand is that it is the outright absurdity and recklessness of the Bush administrations policies that the political right opposes.

An immigrant terrorist can not only sneak into the United States, he can smuggle biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons as well. This is fact. The Bush administration refuses to militarize the border and defend us. It is impossible to dispute.

Aren’t you in the least bit concerned when you see that High Terror Alert flashing on the TV screen reminding you that we are in an Orange Alert? Remember, Red Alert means an attack has occurred or is about to. Red Alert also means martial law.

With 1.5 million illegal aliens breaking into the country, how many are terrorists? That’s not counting the terrorists that we allow to enter the country legally.

What if your children inhale radiation from a dirty nuclear bomb exploded by an Immigrant Terrorist?
The absurdity does not end there. In invading Iraq the United States is doing so to enforce U.N. resolutions that the U.N. doesn’t even want to enforce. Worse, instead of solely stating Iraq’s non-compliance with the terms of its surrender, Bush had to proclaim a stupid new pre-emptive military policy.

Now that the precedent has been set what will the future world have in store? Do you seriously think that no other nation will use the pre-emptive military doctrine to justify an invasion of another country?
Will China, Russia, India, Pakistan, use such logic? Using the pre-emptive doctrine India and Pakistan should have already annihilated each other. In the future should a nation like China fear the military might of the United States, will they use a pre-emptive strike using Smart Bomb technology that the U.S. is allowing to be transferred to them?

This policy should be recanted. It is dangerous. The Bush administration should adopt a pre-emptive immigration policy instead. It would make more sense and save lives of Americans.

Even the boys at F-Troop’s Fort Courage didn’t announce to every Indian tribe that they had a right to attack them whenever they wanted. Going out to kill the Indians may continue to grow and spread into a Third World War. If you’re going to kill Indians, lock the damn gate.

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