Forget Iraq: Impeach Bush and declare war on Mexico

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On March 9, 1916, Francisco “Pancho” Villa crossed the border and invaded the United States, sacking and looting the town of Columbus, New Mexico. This is not the last time the United States would be invaded by an army of Mexicans.

Millions of Mexicans have crossed the border in recent years and not one of them has come with honorable intentions. Since they intended to, then in fact did cross our southern border illegally, they are criminals, the lot. But many are more than just criminals; they are agents of a foreign government, here to destroy our great nation state.

They come with fake ID cards, issued by the Mexican government, for use in the United States to obtain employment, driver’s licenses and bank accounts. Why not simply get a passport and have it stamped at the border upon entering and leaving the way it is done by legal travelers with honorable intentions?

They come with knapsack type “care” packages supplied again by the Mexican government, to assist them in their crime of crossing our border and violating our laws. Why doesn’t the Mexican government do something about the intolerable massive corruption that causes Mexicans to flee as if from a burning building?

Meanwhile, President Bush refers to Mexico and Mexicans as our “friends” and our “neighbors.” I have friends and neighbors and none of them have ever broken into my back door and demanded a seat at the table. Mr. Bush, by aiding and abetting this criminal behavior has made himself an accessory before during and after the fact. It is time to say it. Mr. Bush’s open borders policy is not born of negligence or stupidity. It is an act of criminal intent and treason.  For that reason, I wish to go on the record here and now, as one who is calling for the impeachment of George Bush for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors.

Mr. Bush and his circle of neo-cons and chicken hawks want us in a war with Iraq. As far as I am able to know, Iraq has never threatened one thimble full of American soil anywhere or at any time. I do not believe that Iraq poses a clear and present threat to America’s interests, nor do I believe Iraq has impugned America’s honor in a manner requiring a military response.

It is the height of arrogance for the United States to demand that a sovereign nation, ANY nation, disarm.  Just as a private citizen has a right to self-defense and self-determination, so does a nation. And while Iraq is being strip searched for the same kind of weapons that are stockpiled like cord wood in the U.S., the drumbeat of CIA propaganda about Saddam’s atrocities (torture, eye gouging) gets louder as the war season (winter) in Iraq approaches.

And what will happen on the border while we are distracted by a war in Iraq? What kind of pro immigration, anti- nation, and world government promoting legislation will be rushed through congress while the people are looking the other way?   What sort of sucker punch can we expect from the globalists masquerading as conservatives in Washington?

Pickpockets call it the “stall”. When a home run is hit and the fans leap to their feet, mesmerized by the flight of the ball, someone’s wallet is being plucked. I heard one remark that if he had 50,000 hands he could pick 50,000 pockets. Yes, sports fans, pickpockets love the long ball. And war is the grandest slam of them all.

So if we are to fight a war, why not fight a moral one, for sound reasons, against an enemy that poses a clear and present danger to our republic?  Let’s bring our troops home from the Balkans and Germany and Japan and declare war on Mexico. Lets demand a “regime change” in Mexico, since such a change is clearly in our nation’s best interest.

As soon as we declare war, every illegal alien inside the U.S. becomes an enemy agent, subject to arrest and military tribunal.

And now to sum: Impeach Bush, forget this Iraq folly and declare war on Mexico. Otherwise, keep your hand on your wallet.

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