Finally, someone gets it!: The new GOP!

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It took the only honest member of our Congress of Criminals to finally sound the alarm that the GOP isn’t! Isn’t what you ask? Well, isn’t any longer the “Grand Old Party!” It has become the “NLP;” the New Left Party!

This is precisely the problem when a profusion of labels is paraded out for public consumption. Read any detailed libertarian analysis regarding the origins of President George Bush’s imperial war-provoking cabal and you’ll be smothered with an array of irrefutable historical facts tying Bush’s warmongers to the “neoconservative movement.” But the origins cited trace the beginnings of the neoconservative movement to Leon Trotsky, who was a Marxist and therefore a Communist! Why not then describe Bush’s leanings as being “leftist?” Why not describe his behavior and that of his “GOP” as at least being “liberal?” From the get-go, I abhorred the use of the term “neoconservative” because it served only to muddy the waters and cause confusion for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack.

Now, the damage is done! Virtually no one picked up in a manner that mattered the comments by RNC Chair Ed Gillespie when he confessed to the New Hampshire’s ManchesterUnion Leader that the GOP was now the “party of big government.” Even so-called conservative Rush Limbaugh, after his initial shock, got right back on the George Bush Republican bandwagon. And Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are still on board as well. But now, a fissure is becoming visible when someone on the “conservative” side, namely, columnist Cal Thomas, is beginning to see that the grand old party that was formerly the “Grand Old Party” is now gone!

And the indications came early, as I had noted numerous times in the many columns I offered on the subject. It started with Bush failing to attack and remedy even a modicum of the many assaults upon America initiated by the Clinton administration. The situation worsened when Bush refused to prosecute Clinton, and actually established an Executive Order to protect him. It worsened further when Bush pushed anti-constitutional campaign finance reform, and joined Senator Ted Kennedy and his agenda of “facing down the individual” via big education spending favoring the Department of Education and the NEA.

As you now read this, understand the current, “American” political environment: the Republican Party is now the party of the Big Brother Left, the party of unlimited huge government, and the party marching in shiny jackbooted unison to restrict ALL our freedoms by destroying ALL our individual rights by abolishing the Bill of Rights.

Here are Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s comments taken from his column “GOP” posted on December 2nd: “The Medicare prescription drug bill passed by Congress last week may prove to be a watershed event for political conservatives in America. This latest expansion of the federal government, potentially the largest in our nation’s history, is firmly in keeping with the failed New Deal and Great Society programs of the utopian left. This leaves true conservatives, who believe strongly in limited government and identify with the Goldwater- era Republican Party, wondering whether they still have a political home in the modern GOP. In the eyes of many conservatives, today’s GOP simply has abandoned its limited-government heritage to buy votes and gain political power in Washington.”

Paul asks rhetorically: “At what point will conservatives stop accepting these excuses? When does the conservative base of the GOP, a base that remains firmly committed to the principle of limited government, finally demand new leadership and a return to conservative values? Will conservatives abandon the party when they realize the GOP, at least under its current leadership, is simply not interested in reducing the size and scope of the federal government? With Republicans controlling the administration and the legislature, and nominally controlling the Supreme Court, the party has run out of other people to blame. One thing is certain: Republicans who support bigger entitlement programs and bigger federal budgets have lost all credibility as advocates for limited government.”

In his article, Paul references, “The GOP abandons conservatism” by conservative columnist Cal Thomas, cited from the November 30th Tallahassee Democrat: “The Heritage Foundation’s Brian M. Riedl says mandatory government spending will reach 11.1 percent of GDP this year, a record high, and nondefense discretionary spending in 2003 will amount to 3.9 percent of GDP for the first time since 1985. Riedl also predicts taxes will inevitably have to be raised to pay for it all. What politician wants to be demagogued about cutting ‘essential services’?”


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