Feminism: Destroying America

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If I ask you to pick one thing that has done more damage to the United States in modern times than anything else, what would you pick? The question would give you pause, would it not? Because we live in the middle of a revolution, there are many possibilities. Everything is in turmoil. Every institution stands on its ear. It is hard to believe that many Americans still don’t even know something fundamental is wrong.

For instance, as in old Rome, our limited republic has been corrupted into an empire and empire means war. As I write, we are mired in Iraq. When you read this, we could be enmeshed in another in Iran. We have been at war for more than a century. Historian Harry Elmer Barnes called the process Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. Our own leaders have tricked us into one war after another, every one of which could have been avoided.

We suffer an invasion across what used to be our southern border, conducted by the President of the United States. I shall take no time here to explain; since you have sense enough to be one of my readers, I assume you already know that. The invasion could bring our country to its knees, culturally, financially and politically. In fact, it could abolish our country.

Financial experts tell us that the biggest financial collapse in the history of the galaxy is coming. It includes the bursting of the real estate “bubble,” filled with “no ratio” loans in which the borrower no longer even need tell the lender about his income and assets; it also includes the collapse of the dollar, which today is worth about two 1913 cents, because even a government as big as ours cannot write rubber checks forever.

Indeed, the government may be taking the dollar down deliberately, as part of the plan to replace it with something called the “Amero,” the currency of the new nation called the “North American Union,” composed of the three former nations of North America. Again; the plan calls for the abolition of our nation. This is not speculation. The traitors responsible say in almost those words that is what they are doing. The Trans-Texas Corridor is part of the package.

Our standard of living is falling. The illusion remains, but only because more and more family members must work to maintain it. China, India and other nations are inheriting more and more deported jobs that used to be done here by Americans. General Motors used to be an American company with foreign branches; now it is a Chinese Communist company with American branches.

Many other companies have fled, encouraged to do so by the United States government. Do you want to call India for free? Call your credit card company, or many other financial institutions. You will talk to someone in Bangalore named Priyadarshini, who calls herself Jacqueline. You will get along well with her, because she has been taught how to talk with Americans.

With some remaining exceptions, American government schools teach the religions of atheism, evolution and Islam, homosexuality and revolution instead of facts. Graduates believe their ignorance is erudition, because the miseducators tell them they are the “best educated” generation of Americans ever.

People the federal government is bringing here from around the world—some of whom have no idea how to operate a doorknob—are bringing diseases we thought we had long ago wiped out. There is more health freedom—the ability to choose the medical treatment you want—in India, than there is in the United States. Few Americans realize that we already live in a worsening dictatorship.

Again, these are just a few examples. No doubt you could come up with an entirely different slate of your own. Each one of them is titanic, big enough and malevolent enough to wipe a nation out. But the one I am talking about is, I believe, the worst of them all; it has done more to destroy America than any of the others, however bad they are.

It’s feminism.

Why feminism? The thing that holds our civilization and country together is the family. In fact, the strong, stable family is the basic element of that civilization. Without the family, our country could not exist. It is the family that claims our original loyalty. It is almost a truism to say that the surest way to destroy our country would be to destroy its foundation, the family.

Without families, you would have aimless, ineffective mobs of people without allegiance, people without backup who can be picked off one at a time. A civilization could recover from the other assaults I cited, but the family is the irreducible, cellular basis of society. Without it, the mold is broken. And the purpose of feminism has always been to destroy the family so that this country could be conquered.

Look around you. Homosexuality and feminism are rapidly dismantling our nation. Some of the symptoms are divorce, delinquency, illegitimacy and crime. Another is our dramatically shriveled birth rate, already not quite high enough to maintain our population. The numbers are even worse in Western Europe, creating a vacuum predatory Islam is hurrying to fill.

And now, here we have the Cheneys, arrogantly daring anyone to criticize their boastful bastardization of the family. Just a few years ago, could you have imagined that a vice president of the United States could proudly be showing off the child of his unmarried lesbian daughter?

Of course, feminism is not the only influence assaulting the family. The black family in this country used to be relatively stable. Black illegitimacy used to be lower than its white counterpart today. Then the federal government labored night and day to destroy the black family, with considerable success. But feminism is by far the deadliest enemy the family faces.

In fact, feminism is presently destroying our military. Feminism is the principle at work when a military man is accused of failing to make nice in Iraq. Feminism is the reason we give the enemy – not our own men – the edge that decides who lives and who dies. The entire U.S. military is being retooled to accommodate some uniformed bull dykes at the Pentagon who aspire to flag rank. Good men are leaving.

Recently, a criminal beat a World War II veteran in Detroit and stole his car. The victim, Leonard Sims, was 91-years-old, and commentators are aghast because many witnesses saw the crime in progress (it was even taped), but no one – no one – no one did anything to help him. Sims was left to defend himself.

Why the surprise? The witnesses did what they have been trained to do starting in kindergarten. They made nice. They have been taught that nothing, ever, is worth fighting about, so they didn’t. They have been taught that it is not nice to bear arms, so they didn’t. The fact that the criminal refused to make nice was not a reason to intervene. The witnesses waited politely for the cops to show up. Cops almost always show up after the crime has been committed.

Here is another of Stang’s Immutable Laws: It is right to make nice with ladies, gentlemen and children. If you make nice in war or in crime, you will lose, you will lose, you will lose. Did I repeat that enough? That is why we can’t seem to win in Iraq. That is why there is always an American military man on trial there for “atrocities.”

The basic principle of today’s feminism is that men and women are the same. There are superficial differences – women stick out farther fore and aft – but feminism says they are superficial. Basically, men and women are interchangeable, says feminism, and therefore they should be treated alike, in the military, in the police, anywhere. To see the effect of this, simply turn on the television. In fact, feminist propaganda teaches that men and women are the same, but women are superior, because they make nicer.

Of course anyone who knows anything at all about the subject knows that this is so preposterous it could be a joke, or maybe the people who propose it are insane, because it would certainly produce a disaster. Indeed, so destructive is it that the question inevitably arises of whether that disaster is the purpose.

The feminists are not shy about this. Some of them boast openly that their purpose is to destroy society. Of course, they are mere cannon fodder. Should they succeed in destroying society, the people who take over would quickly sweep them into the dust bin of history. To stop those people, we must know what they are doing.

The most important thing to understand about feminism is that it is profoundly anti-feminine, that it has victimized and cheated women much more than any real injustice – indeed, women are its main victims – and that it continues to use women as pawns in a totalitarian scheme. This country’s women desperately need to be liberated from feminism.

Feminism has succeeded so far so much by misrepresenting itself completely as a fairness movement: “equal pay for equal work,” for instance. Of course, feminism has nothing whatsoever to do with fairness. Again, it is an immensely successful weapon, expressly designed to destroy the United States.

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