Fear: Let the media shut up: Let’s fight a war, not cower in the cocoons

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There’s been so much jabber about anthrax over the past three weeks (thanks to the Phoenix media) that I think I’ve had it and recovered at least five times.   So far they’re not really into the ebola virus but when they get tired of anthrax (or the public calls and tells them to shut up) then I guess their next fearmongering will be some sort of hemorragic bleeding disease.   Or maybe it will be the need for gas masks.If the media had paralyzed the nation with fear this way at the beginning of World War II, we’d either be speaking Japanese or German, or both.

Shakespeare said “first we kill all the lawyers.”  Beg pardon.   First we obliterate all the fearmongering media and then we can go back to drowning lawyers in the Sea of Obfuscation.  At least the lawyers, for the most part, aren’t on the radio terrorizing the population so that they’re too scared to fight.

It’s also getting a bit tiring hearing sound bites from Dubya’s speeches on how powerful and wonderful we are as a nation.  Somebody in my age group must be writing his speeches.  We were a powerful, resolute and free nation.  Many of our citizens are still ready to fight for our country .. now will our media and our government please just …


This is/was a government of, by and for the people, not the politicians, not the media elite and not the environuts.

Seal the borders!  Deport everyone on an expired visa.  Get back to what was only normal behavior in 1949.  Declare political correctness an enemy of liberty and a public nuisance, a source of demoralization and possible sedition and trash it.

If this is America, then it’s the patriotic Americans who have been taking the heat far too long, and we need to take back the country and then take on the terrorists.

With all the dunceblab coming over the airwaves, the media is producing a weakened nation.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt surely wasn’t a conservative but he did understand one thing:  fear is a paralyzing force, it demoralizes the will and frays the nerves.   A government doesn’t bolster its people to fight by scaring them to death.

Our business should have been to move in rapidly and start taking out “those nations that harbor terrorists.”  We know who they are.  We were just too afraid of losing our oil sources (and maybe further harming our economy) if we made the Arab nations angry at us.

News:  the Arabs already hate us.  A little more won’t hurt.  A little less gasoline, even at $4 a gallon, wouldn’t do as much harm as just lying down before a shadow enemy and pulling a rug over our heads.  Yes the economy is in trouble .. big time.  It will be in worse trouble if the media keeps pumping fear into the minds of those who listen to the news.

This much makes sense:  if you cannot possibly DO anything about anthrax and ebola, then does it make sense to worry about it?  Or even think about it?   People going into known areas where it is already identified as in process of infecting people need to take known measures to prevent infection themselves.  The rest of us do well not to think about it at all.  If there were enough vaccine for everyone then it might be well to consider the benefit of vaccination … if that would help people feel better.  As it is, if we can do nothing, then at least the media can shut up.

This winter everyone who gets a cold or a mild case of flu will swamp the hospital emergency rooms thinking they have ebola or anthrax and terrify the others.  Fear is more contagious than ebola and just as fatal.

We’re not entering this fray with a very positive attitude, and it has already been stated that this war will be won by whoever has the most resolve.  Well the terrorists have a lot of resolve and they’re from parts of the world where folks aren’t pampered.

They’ve already disturbed our way of life … so don’t go thinking about September 10th and how it was … it isn’t that way any longer.

Now, without panic, let’s begin demanding that our government get on with a war against terrorism and call the radio and television stations and tell them to shut up about the stuff we can’t help.

Humor was everywhere during World War II.  Radio comics like Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Red Skelton and George Burns kept us laughing and happy with ourselves in between the news by Walter Winchell and Gabriel Heatter.  We faced uncertainties by being strong in our resolve and in disallowing fear any place in our daily lives.

As long as President Bush is suddenly on camera all the time, I’d like to hear a speech on the demoralizing and paralyzing effects of fear and why ALL Americans (media included) should dump the wimping and fearmongering and get on with our resolve.

If he and our administration cannot do the job, then let them leave Washington and our patriots will get in there and show them how it should be done.  Big time.

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