Fallout from sex education 1965-2000

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Sex Education has nothing to do with education and everything to do with sex. The stated purpose of introducing sex to children is to corrupt the morality of minors and to undermine the moral authority of the family. This stealthily marketed, perverse agenda is cloaked in high-minded “science” as smarmy looking “experts” conduct their teaching with studied tones and gestures. Their tender ministrations, paid for with our tax money, are morally and objectively bankrupt when looked at with conventional eyes. However, when we perceive the agenda and intent of the sex cirriculum, we discover that, from their perspective, Sex Ed has been a smashing success.

The philosophy of sex Ed, in simple terms, is the sexualizing of children as a means of depriving them of their innocence and thus turning them into quasi adults before their time.

The goal of such psychological debauchery is to replace the father-dominated family with the state, thus effecting a “transformation” of the child into a damaged and perpetually dependant “human resource”. The semi-enslaved youth is than more easily channeled into a function that serves the state. Essentially, the youth is psychologically and spiritually lobotomized.

Philip Rieff, chief consultant to the leftist National Council of Churches, 1961-1964, wrote “The Triumph of the Therapeutic-Uses of Faith after Freud” which succinctly illustrates the sex education agenda. He writes (pp159) “Sex education becomes the main weapon in an ideological war against the family; its aim was to divest the parents of their moral authority”. A demoralized society is more malleable to the blandishments of those who tend toward utopian fantasies of absolute power. They have, for the most part, failed in this country, however the cost has been devastating. While sex Ed accounts for only one spoke in the wheel, Lets look at the facts.

The following information comes from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Since the introduction of sex Ed, 1965, teenage pregnancies have increased over 400% and by 1988, out of wedlock births to teens had increased 69%. Each day, 2,756 teens become pregnant with 1,340 babies born. Of girls between 15 and 19, 10% get pregnant each year and currently, 80% are unmarried. The sex Educator sneers at abstinence education. They argue that, along with the “patriarchal” family, such ideas have been swept away by the inevitable forces of history. Abortion is looked on as a solution to the situation they contributed to and not surprisingly, they ally themselves with that industry.

Sexually transmitted diseases are up since 1965. Gonorrhea is up 400% among students age 10-14. As many as 40% of sexually active teenage girls may be infected with STDs. Each year 4,000 students become infected with syphilis, AIDS has increased 62% since 1990, and the number of teens with AIDS is doubling every 14 months. The long term effects of these diseases, particularly those that are increasingly resistant to anti-biotics, is not known, however, a chronically ill population, as it ages, will more likely be in favor of a more communized form of health care. The spread of AIDS, particularly among young people, could have dire consequences for the human species as a whole.

Pre marital sex among 15 year olds is up almost 1000% and two-thirds of America’s teenage boys say they have had sex by age 18 with an average of 5 girls. Rape arrests among teenagers is up 30%, aggravated assault arrests up 2000%, and murder is up 120%. Other concomitant factors and consequences include massive increases in drug use, exposure to pornography, suicide, and runaway children pressed into prostitution both female and male. While these social ills are not solely the responsibility of sex Ed, the educators should play the role of protectors, in loco parentis, from the ugly side of life. Instead, they are on the vanguard of its advocacy.

The sex Ed agenda is to “transform” our children before we, as parents have a chance to instill values. They consider sexual restraint to be “repressive” and therefore psychologically damaging. When it comes to sex, anything goes and the more the merrier. A parent suggesting otherwise is seen as “counterproductive” and even “discriminatory”. We are paying for the destruction of our children’s wellbeing and even possibly, their life. We are allowing the moral consensus upon which this Republic was founded to be ripped to shreds and replaced by a society so sex obsessed that it will be too distracted to observe the erosion of freedom.

After approximately 35 years of sex education, the verdict is in and we should be entering the sentencing phase. Since 1964, sex education has contributed to massive increases in teenage pregnancies, promiscuity, out of wedlock birth, homosexual activities, rape, assault, suicide and murder. Huxley’s “restatement of morality” has contributed to mass murders in school where there are cases of children attending classes wearing bulletproof vests. Reiff’s “ideological war against the family” has contributed to divorce, domestic violence, and a generation turned off by the idea of marriage. The planned erosion of Reiff’s “divesting of parents from moral authority” has led to a culture of pornography, drugs, and death.

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