Ether zone trumps major news media… again

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Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak reported yesterday that political insiders in Arizona and the nation’s capital are speculating that maverick Republican Sen. John McCain will not run for re-election to a fourth term in 2004. Oh really?

Bob Novak who is known to frequent our pages must have read Todd Fahey’s (“John McCain Will Not Seek Reelection: Arizona Dodges a Bullet) column last Monday and didn’t believe him. It took Novak another week to do his own digging only to confirm what our readers knew a week ago. Novak, like so many others, simply purloin other people’s work by mixing it up a little, does a rewrite and calls it his own. Of course, we would never expect the multitude of well known personalities from Rush Limbaugh to Tony Snow who read and use Ether Zone’s material to ever credit us with anything. Just our name is wacko sounding to them and our hard right style of publishing is just too much for their sensitive audiences. Our hats off though to the many radio talk shows (such as Neal Boortz) who do credit us.

While Novak’s article will get all the attention with the main stream media crowd, Fahey’s column scooped everyone by a week and is far more detailed and painstakingly researched, complete with graphs and charts. Fahey cites various factors including health, dwindling popularity amongst the state’s GOP voters, and lack of cash-on-hand in his reelection war chest as to why McCain won’t run again.

Just as I write this, Newsmax has now jumped on the story…. another late comer for sure.

News not worthy on Freerepublic

Quite frankly, I get tired of reading about all the lunacy over at this forum ever since Bush raised his right hand 18 months ago. Censorship and hypocrisy rules the roost as the Bushie neo-conservative circuit took over the site. Rather a pathetic commentary when you consider that the owner, Jim Robinson, couldn’t stand Bush and often referred to him as a Cokehead. “And, I, for one, am tired of taking orders from cokeheads and felons! Elect another one and I’ll tell you what. I’ll be ready for war! It’ll be time to take up arms and run the filthy lying bastards out!”, wrote Robinson on 08/20/1999.

But the neo-cons and the RNC knew an easy mark when they saw one. Money talks and like so many others like him, Robinson sold his political soul for a buck. Pardon our banner and pop up ads, but our site is STILL free. You don’t see us down on all fours begging for outrageous sums of money every 3 months. Bandwidth is real cheap these days and theOral Roberts like fund raisers sure do give those Robinson boys a nice healthy income. Foolish forum users who call themselves freepers, what’s left of them, really need a reality check for thinning their wallets to these two scammers.

Even bandwidth wouldn’t be an issue if Robinson didn’t allow the usual fruitcakes to upload entire newspapers on to his server like the Washington Times on a nightly basis. The 250 word standard snip would satisfy most readers with a link, but Robinson wants his 15 minutes of fame fighting the copyright laws by stealing the intellectual property rights of others in the name of free speech. Funny…. seems like we just had another left coast nut case seeking fame in the name of free speech over the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Must be the bad air quality out there.

So, it shouldn’t have been any surprise to me to find dozens of e-mails this week expressing outrage over Robinson’s deleting of Todd Fahey’s news article. Apparently, Robinson’s moronic hall monitors have deleted this article numerous times over the last week by dozens of posters. While such censorship can be expected from our main stream press, it’s a sad day when an alternative (supposedly conservative) website that calls itself Freerepublic and boasts about an open discussion forum hops on the socialist express.

While opinion articles have been nuked for months that don’t fall into the Bush dynasty guidelines, this is the first time that we are aware of that such degeneracy now extends to news stories. We have been told by most FR posters that the reason the article got pulled is because the author’s name is Todd Fahey. So, all those freepers who do not read EZ were denied a news scoop for a week because Robinson doesn’t like Fahey? Oh my! Things are even worse than one could have ever have imagined. Now with authors being added to the blackball hit list, friends of Pravda will surely find their way to donate to JR’s coffer.

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