Election chaos: Is American society in danger?

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Circulated on the Internet, Larry Abraham’s “Insider Report” dated October 8, 2004 outlines an election scenario that might create “a series of riots in major cities and an attempt at ’making the country ungovernable’ thus setting the stage for Martial Law.”

At first I ignored Abraham’s musings, but ominous happenings may lend them credence.

The Associated Press has an article telling of a flurry of law suits being filed mostly by Democrats in several key states seeking to use the courts to gain Democratic votes. Several lawsuits are being filed that will question the authenticity of our election process. There is impetus behind all this and it is menacing because other than the serious intrinsic problems that come with wide-open Democracy, prior to the last election, the establishment showed little concern about vote count.Some of this is a result of the severe partisan division the two party system creates; some of it is because the political arena is and has been polluted with congresspersons and senators whose agenda’s ignore the welfare of the Republic and their own oath of office in favor of a variety of issues that include race, alien political systems, and personal aggrandizement.

When Democracy becomes the root of the system rather than representative government, the root itself is rotten and when that rotten process becomes distorted by aligning the voting districts so that challenges to incumbents are almost impossible, we are saddled with a system that has lost its accountability.

Doug Lewis, Executive Director of the Election Center, said “There has been such a concerted effort to beat up on the system itself that people need to step back and understand that if you destroy the very process by which your candidate gets elected, then what have you gained?’’

In addition to the ACLU and others we now have a contingent of foreigners monitoring our election process. Gallivanting around the nation is a twenty person contingent from fifteen different countries sponsored by the leftist, San Franciso based Global Exchange. These twenty foreign nationals are snooping into our voting procedures. They have already visited Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, and Ohio. Their wisdom recommends the following changes:

-Secretaries of state and other election administrators should be nonpartisan;

-Touch-screen voting machines should produce paper records;

-Convicted felons who have served their time should automatically have their voting rights restored, which does not happen in seven states;

-Public financing of elections should be adopted.

As a short-term improvement for Nov. 2, the observers recommended more nonpartisan observers at all levels, arguing such scrutiny would increase voter confidence.

Another group that will observe the polls on Election Day is from a United Nations affiliated Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). They were invited by Colin Powell acting for the Bush administration.

Global Exchange is an Internationalist organization that supports the One World agenda but finds fault with the controlling power structure. They are anti-corporation, anti-big business, anti FTAA, WTO, and opposed to the World Bank; all of which they rightly believe are designed to profit international corporations. Like a number of Socialist organizations that have staged violent demonstrations at globalist meetings, they are opposing some initiatives that need to be opposed but considering the frequent revolutionary intentions of groups like this they could be dangerous to freedom.

The process for admitting foreign observers was begun by Eddie Bernice Johnson, D. Tx., with a letter to U. N Secretary-General Kofi Annan. She was joined by five other Blacks, one Hispanic, one Asian and three whites. Four of the traitors were from New York and obviously none of them have any real regard for the integrity of the Nation or for the oath they took when they entered the governing process. Theirs is a subjective, partisan battle designed to enhance their own particular interests. Joe Farah of WorldNetDaily calls it “High Treason”

Though these efforts to get direct involvement by the United Nations failed, the Bush Administration has brought them to fruition by involving OSCE in which former crooked judge and leftist, black con man Alsee Hastings holds an influential position and will choose the election monitors.

Nevertheless, there are real problems to be addressed. Concern about vote count is a result of very close division in the electorate. Recent polls in Florida indicate Bush with 48% and Kerry with 47%. Since these polls have a 3% error factor in practice they are useless. The same situation exists at the voting precincts. An error factor of 3% is generally considered acceptable but when the vote count brings a 48 percent to 47 percent victory the election fails to produce certifiable results.

Similar to the tactics of the Department of Education the solution to the problems involved in the election process are making them worse. The trend is toward electronic voting machines. Much of this equipment does not provide a paper trail and fails to offer proper security.

Unfortunately in the coming election concern is not about for fixing the system by providing verifiable paper ballots but rather of causing massive civil disruption over the issue.

None of the organizations that are monitoring the voting precincts has authority to void the electoral process. However, since there are legitimate concerns about the authenticity of electoral results, protests might result in violence that could trigger the martial law mandates that are already in place. An emergency of this sort might involve suspension of the Constitution and the seizure of dictatorial powers.

Tom DeWeese expresses a legitimate concern that the leftist, UN connected,

“Foreign election monitors are pouring into our nation for one purpose; to enforce a political agenda that will affect the outcome of the election. There is nothing open, fair or non-partisan about it. The game plan is simple. The monitors will challenge poll results, the Democrats will file suit and the media will deem the election void. U.S. prestige as the shining beacon of freedom will be tarnished and our ability to govern our own elections, as we’ve done successfully for over 200 years, may be permanently lost.”

His analysis should be read by every American.

Karl Marx liked Democracy for this very reason. In Germany, gridlock at the Reichstag contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. The American congress is in a similar situation with the two major parties almost evenly divided. With the Constitution already eased out of the picture our entire government is controlled by a tiny number of votes and the rabid adherents to the two parties unrestrained by the Constitution will do almost anything to gain power.

The farcical nature of attempting to select a righteous government by allowing universal suffrage in a nation with a 30 percent illiteracy rate is apparently lost on all of the media and most of our citizens. It is nevertheless a recipe for anarchy and we may get just that.

Larry Abraham raises the question of the consequences of another terrorist attack occurring simultaneously resulting in “a nightmare of unfathomable consequences and chaos”.

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