Did our soldiers fight for freedom or not?: There is no freedom without religious freedom

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What an opportunity to find out about ourselves and the rest of the world we are afforded by Hussein being found- and captured- alive. Because Hussein has been captured alive we all agree that something has to be done with him and we all will agree that it will include a trial and some manner of punishment.

Keep and eye out for the liberals agitating for a death penalty for the first time. I’m sure they’re mad enough to kill Hussein for allowing himself to be found and give President Bush a boost in the polls. Yes, the liberals do think as coldly and as calculatingly as that.

Somebody will have to try Hussein and all the world will watch and, undoubtedly, voice an opinion. Ours is a world which, currently, has not a small number of people unwilling to judge criminals but very willing to judge people for having faith in the God of the bible. With that in mind we’ll learn much as these questions are naturally answered in the course of time.

Who has strong enough a belief in the propriety/righteousness of their laws- and the confidence to enforce them- to have Saddam Hussein punished/put to death if he is found guilty? The left in America doesn’t like to see any of the 20,000 gun laws on the books enforced but would rather make new laws and compel registration with an eye to confiscation, so if Hussein is tried in America and the left has any say in the matter we might as well just turn him loose now and save the expense of feeding, clothing and housing him until his acquittal.

When will people who are currently being talked into killing themselves and innocent people realize- as is evidenced by the long length of Yassir Arafat’s life and Saddam Hussein’s surrender without incident- that the so-called leaders of Radical Islam don’t believe they’ll be given a harem of virgins in paradise for murdering themselves and others? Despite the oft-stated claim that killing the infidel garners such a reward, the rich and powerful in Radical Islam send others to do the killing and dying while they gather to themselves- as in Hussein’s case- as much paradise on earth as they can until their opportunity to do the dying comes. When Saddam Hussein’s opportunity came to avail himself of his reward by drawing his weapon and killing American soldiers he didn’t. But then Hussein might have only been a thug- like Hitler and Mussolini- not a misguided zealot.

Will we, the united states of America, have the guts to enforce, or, if you prefer protect, “religious freedom” in Iraq as we allege we do in the US? Thinking people who love the truth know that religious freedom means people practicing their religion in freedom. The left in this country thinks that religious freedom means that people are to be free from others practicing religion, or more correctly, be free from people averring faith in the saving work of Jesus, that is practicing Christianity. President Bush has an amazing opportunity, as a Christian, to define religious freedom in a very public way by explaining just what it is he hopes to accomplish in a post-Hussein Iraq, by explaining that theocracy forced on people is just as much tyranny as thuggery forced on people.

The great commission is to spread the good news that Jesus is Lord and that He has arranged for salvation through faith not works- especially not murder. Christian theocracy, by force, as I’ve explained theocracy, is an oxymoron because who the Lord sets free is free indeed. Keeping in mind that freedom is the right to do right NOT the right to do wrong, freedom of religion means the opportunity to tell our neighbors about Jesus. Any form of government set up in Iraq will either have religious freedom or it won’t.

What does President Bush say about that? Did our soldiers set out to arrange freedom for the Iraqi people or not?
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