Demination of America: Our highest-priority national threat

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America’s greatest external threat is the United Nations. America’s greatest internal threat is the Democratic Party. Combined, they are the DemNation of America, and left unchecked, could be the Damnation of America.

The United Nations, supported by anti-American Socialists in Congress, and funded by wealthy tax-exempt foundations and our federal government, has long pursued the despot’s dream of world dictatorship. The meeting in Monterey, Mexico, March 18 – 22, to impose international taxes on every nation and every citizen, is designed to give the United Nations enough cash to raise a Global Army, and enough authority to control the income, employment and personal lives of every human being. When the UN no longer must depend on member nations for contributions, the UN will be free to pursue global conquest without worrying about objections from member nations such as the United States of America. Our American government will then be just another pony in the World Government stable, the New World Order equivalent of a Cold War Communist satellite nation, and a cash cow to fund World Socialism.

The Democratic Party has long pursued and embraced the goals of international Socialism. The Democratic Party claims to protect the “poor and down-trodden” and has a vested interest in keeping as many people as possible in that category. Individual ascent up the economic ladder constantly removes members from the Democrats’ membership pool, so Democrats must condone and assist amnesty for illegal immigrants, legislate punitive taxes, create constant government expansion and promote similar deceitful methods to impede upward economic migration and replenish the pool of “poor and down-trodden” whom Democrats’ claim as their voting base.

Demnation of America supports environmental extremism which places welfare of bugs and weeds above the welfare and rights of people, and which uses lawsuits, laws and international treaties to erode the rights and livelihoods of rural landowners. Demnation of America seeks open borders over which wave after wave of illegal immigrants may cross, to get on welfare mandated by federal policies mandated by Democratic Congressmen and agency bureaucrats. Demnation of America is expressed by un-Constitutional laws created and passed by Democratic Congressmen, in open violation of the elected officials’ Oath of Office. Demnation of America means tearing down establish religion, giving special protection to deviants, and re-writing history to conform with political correctness. Demnation is law and public policy built on lies and distortions, in which even supposedly rigorous scientific investigation becomes corrupted by politics and federal money.

There is growing awareness that the Demnation of America is treasonous, serious, deadly. Demnation of America must be stopped, quickly, decisively. But although the message is getting through, there remain more people active in Demnation than people aroused enough and caring enough to rise up and end the sabotage while bloodless ending still is possible.

Demnators worked for decades in the background, chipping, chipping away at our American culture and Constitutional government. Now, they feel strong enough to launch a frontal assault on America and the whole world through the UN Convention in Monterey. If they are that open and bold, they must feel that success is imminent and that their enemies are weak and ineffective. They could be right.

At the Monterey meeting it’s all out in the open. World Government, World Dictatorship, World Conquest, Congressional subjugation of the US government to United Nations World Dictatorship, and damn the United States and its stupid Constitution. Make that “Demnate the stupid US Constitution.”

Demnation of America is our highest-priority national threat, not foreign terrorists.

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