Death of the dollar: That’s what Bush wants

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Many people wonder these days about the bizarre fiscal policy of the U.S. government. They wonder how it is that they can see where that policy is taking us but President George W. Bush cannot. In personal finance, if you keep spending more than you receive, you will go broke; and the same principle applies to government spending.

In fact, government is making the situation considerably worse because only government has the power to ruin the medium of exchange. The cumulative, federal debt and the annual deficits are now routinely so huge the numbers become meaningless. We are talking about trillions of “dollars.” It is obvious to all they can never be repaid. District of Criminals policy is now causing the dollar to fall faster than the World Trade Center on Nine Eleven.

It now becomes realistic to talk about a possible collapse of the dollar. Why can’t Bush see that? The question assumes that as a loyal American Bush does not want the dollar to collapse; that if only he understood what is happening, he would take the necessary action to save it. Much time, effort and money are spent trying to inform him. Only people who have no understanding of the conspiracy for world government could ask that question and waste so much effort.

The truth of course is that Bush knows perfectly well what is happening, and it is happening because that is what he wants. Remember that the next step in the conspiracy for world government is the amalgamation of the three nations of North America – these united States, Canada and Mexico – into a single country. Right now, they are calling the new country the North American Union (NAU).

I call it Canusexico, which is a lot snappier and includes parts of the names of the three former countries. It also includes sex, without which the experts tell us you can’t sell a product. Remember, when you start to hear Limbag use it, you heard it first here.

A change so dramatic naturally has many parts. One part is the monster freeway system presently under construction from Laredo to the Canadian border, the hub of which will be Mexican territory in Kansas City. It will confiscate thousands of acres from Texas farmers and ranchers, destroy whole towns and facilitate the importation of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs.

To qualify as a real country, NAU needs its own money. Without its own money, NAU could not be launched. Sure enough, the communist world government traitors advancing this scheme have a new “money” waiting in the wings. It is called the “amero.” You say no one ever heard of the “amero,” so it will never take off? Until a few years ago, you had never heard of the Euro. Has it taken off? Has it taken off after years of propaganda about it?

Admittedly, Americans, however much they are brainwashed, would never permit the “amero” to replace the dollar unless – unless – unless confronted with a cataclysmic emergency. Suppose the dollar were suddenly to collapse. Suppose nationwide panic were to erupt. Suppose el presidente Jorge W. Boosh were to address the nation and reassure us that he has a solution. Suppose the media were to drench us in propaganda about the “amero’s” benefits.

Could the nation then give up the dollar and turn in desperation to the “amero?” Could that happen especially were stability to return with the introduction of the new monetary unit? I believe it could and would. I believe that Boosh & Company are deliberately collapsing the dollar for that purpose. Obviously, you can’t impose a “solution” until you have a problem, and Boosh is presently exacerbating the problem.

Here we have another demonstration of the fact that if you do not understand the conspiracy – especially if you don’t even know there is one, or deny it – you have no hope of understanding events all around you. You will forever be asking silly, naïve questions like, “Doesn’t Bush know what is happening? If only we could reach him!” Remember one of the basic principles of our law: A man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his act.

For instance, in July, 1944, during World War II, delegates from around the world met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to plan the post-war financial system. At that conference, the leader of our delegation was Harry Dexter White. As Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, White ran that Department for Secretary Henry Morgenthau, who gave him full authority. Harry Dexter White was a Soviet spy, who took orders from Stalin. He suffered a “fatal heart attack” on his way to testify about his treason.

At that conference, White created the International Monetary Fund. On September 30, 1963, President Jack Kennedy addressed an I.M.F. conference. Here is what he told the finance ministers and bankers who represented the then 102 members:

“Twenty years ago, when the architects of these institutions met to design an international banking structure, the economic life of the world was polarized in overwhelming, and even alarming measure on the United States. So were the world’s monetary reserves. The United States had the only open capital in the world apart from that of Switzerland. Sixty percent of the gold reserves of the world were here in the United States . . . .”

As the most powerful nation on earth – we had, after all, just defeated three of the most powerful nations on earth almost alone – we had the most wealth. Notice that Kennedy believes this was a problem, requiring a solution. Why was it a problem? What solution did the President of the United States propose?

“. . . There was a need for redistribution of the financial resources of the world . . . .” How do you define communism? Isn’t one definition the redistribution of the wealth? Isn’t that what Marx demanded? So here we have the President of the United States openly calling for communism. Why did our wealth need to be redistributed? He believed the answer was too obvious to explain, so he didn’t bother. There should have been a firestorm of outrage. Of course there was not.

How was the redistribution of our wealth accomplished? Kennedy told the delegates to the I.M.F. conference: “This has come about. It did not come about by chance but by conscious and deliberate and responsible planning. . . .” Please look at these two brief sentences carefully. I recommend that you read them over and over again, until their significance permeates your mind.

What did Kennedy mean by “this” and by “it?” He was referring to the “redistribution” of your resources. He says that redistribution did not happen by accident, but as the implementation of a conscious and deliberate and responsible plan. Doesn’t this confession, this admission by the President of the United States kick the Accidental Theory of History into the gutter?

According to the Accidental Theory, everything happens by accident. There is no planning, no coordination. There certainly is no conspiracy. People just accidentally happen to run into each other at international conferences they don’t know are taking place. “Hello, my dear Dr. Kissinger. Imagine seeing you here in town!” The conferences accidentally are surrounded by armed guards to prevent press coverage. The sessions make decisions that accidentally are implemented and that affect the lives of every human being on the planet.

Yes, that is what the conspirators expect us to believe. They deride the so-called “conspiracy theory of history” as simple-minded, as attributing every development to one cause, when exactly the opposite is true. They attribute only one cause to everything: accident, happenstance.

On the contrary, the “conspiracy theory” requires an enormous amount of study and investigation, in which career conspiratologists investigate who belongs to what, who was where and with whom, and who agreed to do what. The “conspiracy theory” requires a considerable knowledge of history to determine who is guilty and who is innocent.

The conspirators denounce the so-called “conspiracy theory of history” for the obvious reason that they fear what you could do if you find out who they are; if you find out that our country is being redistributed down the tubes not by a causeless, spontaneous historical cycle you can do nothing about, but by men with names and addresses you can seek out, men with faces you would recognize.

Now consider again the present dissolution of the dollar. Yes, Jorge W. Boosh, M.B.A., Yale, and the other communist world government traitors who presently control our government are certainly smart enough to recognize the effect of their fiscal policies. They are at least as smart as we are. If we know what is happening, they do.

They are deliberately ditching the dollar to pave the way for the “Amero,” which would be the Western Hemisphere’s version of the Euro. Eventually, of course, those two monetary units would be merged into a single world currency when the world government is finally imposed.

So what should you do? I suggest that now is a good time to ditch the dollar yourself. Consider other currencies and investments not denominated in dollars. Especially consider precious metals. Remember that there has never been a time when they were worthless. Of course, if you don’t believe any of this – if you believe it is all happening by accident – I suggest you do nothing.

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