Danger: Zionized booby trap ahead

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Booby trap n.  l. A concealed or camouflaged device designed to be triggered by an unsuspecting action of the intended victim. 2. A device or situation that catches a person off guard; trap.

It would be difficult to imagine a more apt description of a dangerous situation than the one above. Given that, it would be even harder to imagine a more pernicious booby trap than Zionism, the falsehoods that lies in wait for unsuspecting people -Jews and Christians alike– in today’s distorted political and managed media worlds.

Considering that Zionism has somehow become associated exclusively with the Jewish people, connecting the word “pernicious” to Zionism will immediately, I’m sure, raise hackles.

But I can assure you of two things: First, Zionism is quite different than Judaism and is therefore much more than a Jewish phenomenon Second, Zionism has all the elements of trickery and deception it needs to quality for the term “pernicious.”

A staff writer for the Rense website recently did an article explaining the difference between Zionism and Judaism. It was a well-written, informative piece which explained the substantive difference between the two philosophies, but in my view it did not go far enough.

It did not explain, for example, the ultimate goal of Zionism and the manipulative techniques Zionists use to help them reach their goal.

This article will attempt to do that.

Let’s start with a few, not too well-known, facts.

Fact One. The Zionists, NOT the Jewish people, created the state of Israel. According to Torah law, Jews were forbidden to own their own state while waiting for their Messiah. So for 2000 years the “exiled” Jews’ goal has been to study and fulfill the Divine commandments of the Torah. Nothing more.

Fact Two. The Zionist goal, in contrast, is to change the “exiled” mindset of the Jewish people, and turn their religious philosophy into a political movement. So after creating Israel, the Zionists began telling the world that they represent the entire Jewish population Hence, Zionist and Judaism are perceived as one and the same Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fact Three. Zionists have tricked Jews, gentiles, and everyone else with cunning and deceit. They use the media to help attain their ends. And they label any criticism of them as “anti-Semitic, or worse. Playing the guilt card, you see, is supposed to make us feel as if we’re disobeying God Himself. With some, it works, but I submit that God knows who’s playing fast and loose here.

Worst of all are the crises that the Zionists are fomenting in key areas of the world with the purpose of being main players in the Global Government materializing around us.

Although one of those key areas is Israel, it is the Zionists, not the Jews per se, who are conniving their way into positions of power. To expound on this last statement, Rense makes it quite clear that it is the Zionists that are “regularly and rightfully exposed, predominantly by other Jews tired of Zionist lies, viciousness and manipulation”.

“To put out the Zionists.” Rense says, “is not anti-Semitic. To reveal the truth is not anti-Semitic. To question, even condemn, Israeli policy is not anti-Semitic. To call into question Zionists loyalty to America, their embarrassing power in media and government, and their effort to re-map the Mid-East to their liking, is not anti-Semitic. That these people would like to make these things crimes only proves their desperation.”

I maintain that it also proves their craftiness and uncanny knack for deception.

I do not have sufficient Biblical knowledge to be able to comment in any depth on how the Creator presumably gave the Jews the Holy Land; how He sent the Jews into exile when they sinned; how, at some time in the future, their Messiah would come and take them out of exile; and how He commanded every Jew to follow the ways of peace and to be loyal to the country where he lives.

Every real Jew knows these things only too well.

The Zionists, however, scoff at this aspect of true Jewishness. They prefer to practice the sort of Jewery that allows them to pass themselves off as authentic Jews, and at the same time use their talents for scheming and chicanery to obscure their true motives—promoting Israel statehood in defiance of Torah law, political and economic control on an international level, and eventual total world domination.

Given this Draconian scenario, Zionism is more than just a simple booby trap. It’s a black hole which Jews and gentiles alike would be smart to avoid at all cost.

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