Confronting semitism it’s called brainwashing

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Whatever “anti-Semitism” used to be in the United States, today it is employed almost without exception as a tool of conquest. Consider that it doesn’t really mean anything. I looked up the word “Semite” in a couple of dictionaries. The consensus seems to be that a Semite can be both a Jew and an Arab. The term “anti-Semitism” has become more of a label than a word that conveys meaning, a button akin to “Enter” designed by programmers to elicit a specific response rather than invoke thought.

Some years ago, while on a speaking tour, I was brought to a high school in Ohio to address a senior class. Needless to say, I discussed Communism and Hitler, but because I did so in a way they had never heard, they had no idea what to make of it. Names like McCarthy and Roosevelt, or words like left and right wing were mere audio-labels they either jeered or applauded, but when I left I could see that they were wondering which side I was on, whether I was a good guy or not. Later, of course, the teacher would tell them.

Consider the so-called “N” word. It started out as an appellation that offended people of color. So we were told, and because we were Christian gentlemen we didn’t use it to avoid giving those people offense. Case closed. Instead, the word has been used to foment a literal reign of terror, in which someone suspected of breathing it even in private can be ruined for life. Incredibly, this is not an exaggeration.

In my novel, Perestroika Sunset, about a Soviet scheme to seize power in the united States, there is a scene in which the heroine, a professor of English in a university outside Washington, D.C., is accused of “racism” against blacks but can’t find out why. At last she learns accidentally that the accusation stems from her use of the word “niggardly” in a report.

When I reread that scene, it seemed too preposterous to be real. I considered removing it. Happily, I did not. A couple of weeks later, a story out of Washington said that a top city official there had been fired for racism because he used the word “niggardly” in a report. Compounding the preposterous nature of all this is the fact that “niggardly” and “niggard” are not even English words; they derive from the Swedish language, which is spoken too far north to suffer this problem.

But former funny man Dick Gregory can entitle his autobiography Nigger and survive. That’s okay. The music industry can extrude noise in which blacks routinely are called “niggers” and that’s apparently fine. It must be because that noise is allowed to make millions. So, everything depends on who is using the word. If the right people use it, it’s a term of endearment.

The point of all this is that the anxiety you may feel when you see the word “nigger” in print has been instilled in your mind deliberately by the world’s foremost experts in the art. The process is called “brainwashing” and its purpose is to paralyze and emasculate you, to cripple you with guilt while totalitarian connivers dismantle your country and your culture.

And so it is with “anti-Semitism,” another brainwashing tool the totalitarians use with similar effect. “Anti-Semitism” is pretty near the worst thing you can be accused of today, worse than sodomy or embezzlement, certainly far worse than dropping your pants and asking for sex in the Oval Office. In fact, the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us have found “anti-Semitism” so helpful in their scheme for world government that they will take pains to protect it.

Today, “anti-Semitism” is an even more important tool in their arsenal, because of the recent war in Iraq and the terror in Israel. They have invested considerable time, trouble and money to maintain it. They certainly will not give it up without a fight.

Many years ago, a couple of men in New York formed something called the Jewish Society of Americanists. The purpose of the new group was to be just what the name implied and the organizers scheduled a press conference to announce it. At the last moment, however, one of them caved, leaving the other, Samuel L. Blumenfeld, alone.

Sam and I were graduates of the same college. It was Sam who had introduced me to what we then called the Communist Conspiracy. I had heard of Communism and knew it was something they did in Russia, but that was all I knew. At the time, Sam was still Jewish; today, he is a Christian with a strong affinity for Calvin and has come to church with us. This of course is the same Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld who has written all those books about the horrors of government (mis)education, the totalitarian crimes of the National Education Association and the benefits of home schooling.

Sam was understandably reluctant to face the New York press alone. And who could blame him. We are talking about a bunch of bottom-feeding, atheist bastards (pardon my language, ladies), world government traitors like Walter Cronkite, scum bags and accomplished liars who show up however much they detest you, if you give them drinks and a free meal. Sam asked me to fill in for the young man who had caved and I did so with the understanding that Sam would do the talking.

I was new in the literary racket at the time, having written just one book. In the course of the press conference, one of the feasting reporters asked me between gorgings why we had formed this organization, and I made the mistake of saying that I had never seen anti-Semitism in New York. In my naïve ignorance, I assumed this was a remarkably unremarkable remark, meant to inspire good will. I was sure it would make them happy.

I didn’t say there was no such thing as anti-Semitism. All I had said was I had never seen it there. New York was then, and maybe still is, the world’s biggest Jewish city. If memory serves, about half the population then was Jewish. There were more Jews in New York City than there were in the nation of Israel.

In view of the fact that half the people you pass in the street there are Jews, would it really be so surprising and impossible for someone born and raised in New York never to see anti-Semitism? Wouldn’t this be something like the discovery that no one in Stockholm or Oslo is anti-Caucasian?

You are already smiling, because you are as sophisticated as I was naïve. To my amazement and consternation, the assemblage of vicious predators erupted with savage disdain. They refused to believe I had never seen anti-Semitism. They hated the very idea. Presumably, they wanted me to talk about the deprivation I had suffered. They “knew” I was lying.

It became quite obvious, at least to me, at that press conference, that anti-Semitism was a favorite tool they would not give up. Guess which hopelessly stupid author was skewered for the next couple of days by the press for daring to make such an idiotic remark. During those years, the Cronkite evening news people taped a couple or three segments with us. They were all a waste of time. Not one of those segments ever got on the air.

What lesson should we derive from all this? The “N” word and anti-Semitism are not just a bad word we shouldn’t say and a bad thing we shouldn’t do; they are ideological weapons deliberately calculated to emasculate us, brainwashing tools designed for the purpose. Again, you need to read a couple of books by Ed Hunter, the man who coined the term “brainwashing.”

One of those books is entitled simply, Brainwashing. The other is Brainwashing in Red China. Reading those books, you will experience a shock of recognition, because the same thing is happening here. Indeed, some of the victims were our POWS in Korea. Of course, in Red China the words they used-the labels-were different because the cultures are. But the process was the same. In Red China, the victims were forced to inculpate themselves in “self-criticism” sessions.

Victims here are required to do the same thing. The procedure includes a public mea culpa and “sensitivity training,” a laundered term for brainwashing. Remember what happened to Braves pitcher John Rocker? By now, the list of victims is endless. Who will mumble something in his sleep and be next?

Once we are aware this is a process-once we realize it doesn’t happen by itself-once we understand that true haters are doing this to cripple us, the anxiety will dissipate and desensitization can begin. That doesn’t mean we need to be shouting the title of Dick Gregory’s book into the telephone when we call talk shows, or publicly expressing hostility to Jews.

It does mean that wherever the people who hate America try to use these techniques we need to tell them that their scam is over and that they won’t get away with it any more. We need to go nose-to-nose with them and no longer back up.

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