Communism in America: Hasn’t ‘Collapsed’ here!

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Increasingly, Americans are becoming aware of the expansive incursion of communist practices in their daily lives. From skyrocketing income and property taxes to ever-restrictive gun control seeking to preclude protecting oneself or one’s children from criminal attack, law and government are suppressing each and every freedom it is our national heritage to enjoy. Religion is being abolished. Marriage and families are being phased out. Parental child rearing is becoming illegal. Our right to be secure in our own homes is waning. Protection from government confiscation of all private property is now virtually non-existent. Peace and peace of mind are quickly disappearing from what was once the greatest, freest society in history.

Oddly, the term most descriptive of this proliferate and pervasive intrusion by law and government in our daily lives is conversely the one least cited in the English language; namely, the descriptive and applicable term “communism.” And of course, this is completely understandable. Communism is viewed by the great majority of Americans as a very despicable human condition, a most horrible political tyranny that deprives one and all of life, liberty and property, the very tenets of our free society. Regrettably, or perhaps deliberately, gas chambers, concentration camps, mass murders and terror have been compartmentalized as indicative of only national socialism; specifically, Nazism. International communism, historically much more terrifying, has been given a “politically correct” pass.

But scant usage of the term in our daily conversations is actually a corroboration of its total effectiveness in blending in subtly with our daily routines. And its success in subverting us as a free people is critically dependent upon its camouflaged terminology expressed as “political correctness,” or “tolerance,” or “diversity,” or some other such term that precludes sending warning signals thereby putting the unsuspecting in a defensive mode. And if recognized, it is dismissed as some stupid “conspiracy theory.”

The term “communism” takes on the characteristics of a “four letter word,” and is therefore banished from ordinary, acceptable speech. In fact, more than just being relegated as improper or impolite, it is also suppressed because of the horrific visions it evokes. Ridicule is directed at those who dare to articulate it. Its restriction is brutally enforced by the feigned open-mindedness proffered as “political correctness,” which seeks to forcefully come down on those individuals displaying a lack of acceptance or tolerance of alternate sexual, racial, religious, ethnic and political lifestyles.

Saying that someone or a political philosophy is “communist,” or that history has shown that one of our two political parties committed American armed forces to advancing the interests of what was an openly communist nation, evokes the dreaded charge reserved for such accusers as “McCarthyists.” They are maligned and disparaged by being negatively compared to the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, a fierce anti-communist. Although he was right, he was overzealous, being swept up in his own self-importance, which is always a risk when someone is obviously right and in the process of exposing a great number who are wrong.

Liberalism has thus paved the way for the communization of the United States from within. Anyone who correctly points this out will of course be branded a “McCarthyist,” or proclaimed as being “politically incorrect,” or “intolerant,” or other such disparaging terms in order to stifle debate, argument and even mere discussion. And if the subject of communism somehow comes up, the New York Times and its obedient national TV news networks will gladly dispel any and all fears of communism by offering that “communism has collapsed.”

And communism has indeed “collapsed” and failed outright wherever it has been tried. The reason? It has always failed because of one simple truism: Government cannot create wealth. Yet, the creation of wealth is its underlying theme, a theme that works very well in impoverished and backward nations where the populace is virtually devoid of all hope. Such is not the case here in America because we do have wealth. Any and all efforts to communize America are simply acts by the rich and powerful to affect a transfer of wealth, other than their own, in order to regiment, dominate, and control all Americans.

Communism in America is real. It describes precisely what is now going on, and Americans instinctively know its threat, feel its enslavement, and hope someone will rise up to stop it. Yes, the threat can be stopped, but a first step is necessary. That step is a constant, daily use of the term that describes it! All together now, let’s say it: COMMUNISM!

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