Clinton & Armitage: Two peas in a pod

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Bill Clinton and Richard Armitage: two peas in a pod.

Two inveterate, congenital liars who have never made a mistake in their lives – and who love to blame any and everybody but themselves.

Bill Clinton’s performance on Sunday morning’s Fox newscast was a rare look into the mean, defensive and small man who was – and still is – a total fraud as President. Dick Morris – a long-time pal of Bill Clinton – says in private that Bill Clinton knows he is a total phony – and lives in mortal fear of “being found out.”

Everything about him is a fraud: his “compassion,” his “marriage,” and his “devotion to helping people.”

In effect, Bill Clinton remains what he has always been: a smart-ass, attention-starved motor-mouth who is never wrong.

Blaming the CIA and the FBI and the military for his failure to get Osama Bin Laden is ridiculous: as President of the United States, the CIA and FBI and Joint Chiefs of Staff report to him! He has the power to either convince or order them to do what he wants on retaliating for terrorist attacks on American forces and territories( US Embassy attacks and the USS Cole). So to see Clinton blaming them for his failure to even attack Osama Bin Laden is a peek into how this man’s mind works.

“That depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is,” was – before this sure-to-be-notorious Fox interview – the perfect example of Clinton’s hair-splitting. But now it is his portrayal of his utter powerless-ness to get his subordinates to attack Osama. If he truly wanted to get Osama, he could have gotten those attacks done. The head of the Bin Laden Desk at the CIA, Michael Scheuer, has made it clear that his unit (since disbanded by the Bush Administration) was ready and willing to go into Afghanistan and hit Osama’s camps. But the order never came from above.

Clinton is clearly stung by ABC’s PATH TO 9/11 – and his inability to get Hollywood to change something to his liking. It must have been a huge shock to him that his base – the Hollywood Left – couldn’t or wouldn’t bend to his demands and scrap the movie.

Instead, the PATH TO 9/11 correctly showed Clinton as ‘out to lunch’ and distracted by Monica. Oh, by the way, why doesn’t someone ask Clinton this question: Why did Monical Lewinsky spend more time in the Oval Office with Clinton than did the Director of Central Intelligence?

What does that say about his commitment to national security?

Now, while Clinton is trying to refurbish his damaged image, we have the spectacle of another long-time DC Insider who seems to be at the epicenter of two of the biggest stories of our time: former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

First, Armitage comes forward with crocodile tears and apologizes for inadvertently leaking Valerie Plame’s name in the CIA leak case. He claims to have leaked it ‘innocently’ and in an off-handed manner to columnist Robert Novak.

The so-called Mainstream Media reports this – with nary a jaundiced eye. But, then, Novak comes forward and totally contradicts Armitage’s recollection of the entire episode.

Then this past week it is revealed tha Armitage allegedly threatened the Pakistani government after 9/11 that the US “would bomb them back to the Stone Age” if they didn’t cooperate with us.

Armitage now denies using the “bomb you back to the Stone Age” language; but the Pakistani Government is certain of it – and was offended by it.

Two huge stories – the post-9/11 War plan in Afghanistan and the intelligence leading to the war in Iraq – and Armitage is smack dab in the middle of both. And his ‘take’ does not fit the memory of anyone else.

Curious, isn’t it?

Either he is right and everyone else is wrong or mistaken – or he indeed is a dissembler of the first degree.

I have dealt with Armitage on the POW issue in Vietnam and Laos. He is one of the most devious, duplicitous and dishonest people I have ever met.

The FBI agent in charge of his 1989-1990 nominations for Navy Secretary and two other posts told me, “Armitage has the thickest file of any nominee we have ever seen.” That means there was more dirt and controversy over Armitage than anyone else.

Isn’t it amazing how someone like Armitage just remains involved in every big story – in multiple administrations?

Many believe he is a career CIA officer who is ‘planted’ in other posts to work secretly for the agency.

Many have also speculated that Bill Clinton was a CIA plant – going all the way back to his Oxford days when he traveled around communist Europe.

Whatever the case may be – and we will probably never know – both Clinton and Armitage are good examples of all that is wrong with our government: they are both self-serving, lying egomaniacs who can’t tell the truth even when it helps them.

Oh how we need some new blood in DC.

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