Civility: When four year olds rule

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It is interesting to read some of the polls out of Europe, who we should be grateful for. Let me rephrase that: We in the West (as in the USA) would be very grateful for the EU clowns if we had the capacity to learn something and retain it. A recent poll in Germanycame to the conclusion that there will be trouble between the Germans and the new and benighted intelligentsia who have immigrated there from the Mid-East. They have noticed a tendency in their new neighbors to do something called an ‘honor killing’. That is where a woman is murdered by her father or her brother for having been so foolish as to be maybe raped or, in some cases, actually a willing participant in an immoral act. I can understand them getting a little upset over the latter, but a rape? Murder the victim? Say what?

The girl has been raped and now she’s to be murdered because she was a temptress or something? And then we have the idiot President of Iran saying he isn’t a four year old. In regards to the incentives the EU is offering the Iranians in their usual Neville way he said: “They think they are dealing with a four year old child who can be given nuts and chocolates in exchange for the gold in his hands.”

But let’s get back to the rest of the Iranian government before we move on to that whacky President over there. Here is a classic case of their justice called Sharia Law:  Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi is a young Iranian woman who defended herself from two rapists, one of which died from a knife wound she gave to him while defending herself from him. Now she is to be hung to death for the crime of killing in self-defense. If she had allowed the guys to rape her she would have only gotten one hundred lashes, because the crime would then have only been extramarital sex. The Palestinians have a tendency to get a little harsher.  They execute them just for being raped. Through their actions they continuously elect to not be part of the world in which we live.

Now lets get back to that ‘we’re not a bunch of four year olds’ comment by Ahmadinejad. Yes you are! You are acting like a bunch of four year olds, all of you. The way you prosecute this one crime shows that you are incapable of controlling your own urges. You blame that evil source of temptation rather than look at yourself and wonder why you were weak and succumbed to the temptation in the first place. That sounds an awful lot like a four year old that has been caught stealing something and when asked why they did it the answer is because I wanted it. Then they get mad at those who left it where they could get to it in the first place. Your response to rape is as infantile as you can get.

The response by our media to Ahmadinjad however is every bit as infantile as the Iranian and general Mid-Eastern reaction to the crime of rape. They are treating him as though he were a joke. He’s not.  He is a dangerous man with a great number of people behind him who, like him, are zealots. Religious radicals should be a rather frightening sight to a culture that believes in nothing, but those who believe in nothing quite often impress upon others their own viewpoint. One would expect our media to recognize the nature of the new beast from the east, if it wasn’t for that tendency to view themselves through only their own eyes.

My advice to all of you is to get ready. He has clearly stated that he will remove Israel from the map and exterminate all Jews. He is also looking at the USwhen he says that. He will be bringing us a fair amount of trouble eventually. The silence from the liberals is quite stunning to me however. We have women being blamed for the crimes committed against them. Gay Rights in the Mid-East is nothing more than the right to get stoned to death. One would think that the liberals over here would begin to recognize that diversity isn’t viewed in the same way over there as it is here. Over here, in many cases, it is a positive thing, even though it is also a great excuse for a lawsuit at times. But it seems to bring out something completely different over there; it’s an opportunity to blow up churches and burn them down, which is completely unacceptable to the liberals unless it’s over there. But in a more fundamental way diversity over there is viewed more as a target rich environment.

Eventually we’ll understand that and possibly see them in the same way.

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