Christophobia: Jesus is driving liberals nuts

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If you were a foreigner learning about the United States through our books and media you would think American culture was dominated by Christianity and that the country was virtually in the hands of Christian hardliners. If you then moved to America, even to a primordial red state, you’d soon be left wondering what in God’s name those writers and journalists were talking about. Good question.

While Christian bashing is at an all time high, Christianity’s societal influence couldn’t be lower. Christianity has virtually disappeared from the public arena. You can barely find it in mainline churches anymore. Its major holiday, Christmas, has been cleansed of all non-consumer relevance. The mainstream media, the fonts of our common culture, aren’t remotely Christian or even Christian-friendly. They’ve been trashing religious believers mercilessly for 40 years.

And look at America. Our biggest industry is porn. Our biggest cash crop is marijuana. Greed and lust are the national pastimes. Television is a cultural sewer. Ethics, morality and public decency are completely shot. The death of a drugged-out former stripper becomes a national tragedy. Our politicians, teachers and priests are routinely exposed as sex addicts and child abusers. What a hold these Christofascists have on us!

So what’s explains the torrent of anti-Christian screeds such as “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America,” or “Religion Gone Bad: Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right,” or “Theocons: Secular America Under Siege,” or “The Baptizing of America: The Religious Right’s Plan for The Rest of Us“? That’s a short list, and it doesn’t include the daily barrage of attacks on the web and elsewhere.

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America,” bellows the bullhorn Rosie O’Donnell, who should be airlifted immediately to Iran to discover whether being buried up to your waist and stoned to death for being homosexual is more threatening than having your gay marriage proposal opposed by traditionalist voters.

Certainly the Bush Derangement Syndrome animates much of this vitriol. Every time Dubya utters “God“ in a speech liberals wet themselves in outrage. “The mullahs have taken over!“ But is Bush any more of a Christian president than was Jimmy Carter, the left‘s lunatic elder statesmen? Hardly. Read “Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction” by David Kuo for insight into how little influence Christianity actually has in this administration.

And what about the Christianity of other politicians? Take media darling Barack Obama. He’s a devoted member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, a blatantly racist, black nationalist church. Were it white, Klan would be in its title. Not a peep from the media. They have no problem with that branch of Christianity.

The latest gripe? Religious conservatives are keeping us tethered to Israel. Right. Evangelicals are behind our decades-long Israeli policy. The only reason they’re in the discussion at all is because Israel has fallen out of favor with the multicultural left, and progressives can‘t blame themselves or their fellow travelers (certainly not Jews, at least not openly). So drag out the Christians, everybody’s bogeymen.

Strangely, the start date for this latest round of Christian bashing was Sept. 11. That day’s terror strike by a Muslim group that openly advocates killing Jews, gays, feminists and secular liberals left our own Jews, gays, feminists and secular liberals thirsting for revenge – against Christians. It opened a door of opportunity, and the Ward Churchills rushed through. At the very least Christians were guilty of being blindly patriotic bloodthirsty vigilantes. Worse, they were harboring evil thoughts toward Muslims, a nonwhite minority. Liberals are way too tolerant to tolerate that.

The further we progress in the war on terror the shriller and more delusional the Christian bashing becomes. Why? Partly because liberals know they’re the real targets of Islamic antipathy, the satanic part of the Great Satan in Muslim eyes. But to defend themselves means siding with the pro-Western, too-conservative-Christian-straight-and-white majority, something their orthodoxy won’t countenance. So they achieve catharsis by lashing out at a familiar enemy. Christian bashing is intellectual comfort food for liberals in crisis.

The truth is Christians have been resisting, not imposing, values. That era is long over. Liberals are now the values mongers, the moral absolutists demanding that everyone accept their values or else. They’ve become the Christians of their personal delusions, the new fundamentalists with their own preachers, dogmas and unquestioning certitude.

To them Christians will always be the oppressors, the parents, the people who want to stop others from doing whatever they want. True, they’ve done an astoundingly bad job of just that since about Salem, and yes they are among America’s most productive, peaceful and law-abiding citizens, and no they don’t hijack airplanes in the name of their god or threaten and kill people who offend them. But, hey, just give them half a chance…

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