Choices: The Real Truth Detector

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Choices…that’s really what life is all about, isn’t it? What we choose day in and day out reveals who we are and what we believe. Regardless of our stated position, the oath we take, the vows we make, the testimony we give, the truths we hold dear, the laws we enforce, the values we embrace, the costume we wear, the party we represent, the platform on which we stand, the faith we profess, the scripture we quote and the God we claim, it is our choices that reveal the naked truth about ourselves. And it is those choices that will vindicate or condemn us in the end.

However, in the “Age of Illusion”, our choices can be easily hidden from public view. The power of truth has taken a back seat to the power of image and the skills of marketing it. Television therefore, has become the perfect medium for propaganda and exploitation by those with subversive agendas, sufficiently explaining the success and survivability of Bill Clinton for eight long and scandalous years. His likable persona, marketing expertise and powers of persuasion kept him in office in spite of the horrific crimes he committed away from the camera’s lens. The evidence against him was everywhere for those who dared to look, but then so was that endearing image. The networks made certain of that.

Now, there is a new face on the TV screen. His words are those of a conservative…a “compassionate conservative” by his party’s definition. His lengthy and impressive Christian testimony has been heralded and forwarded by email to republicans all across this nation. Though an attractive image is portrayed there are choices being made. And again, it is those choices that will accurately define him for an eternity.

One need only mention the names of a few televangelists to remind us of that sobering axiom “all that glitters is not gold”. That is why Jesus told us almost 2000 years ago: “Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 7:21) It’s all about choices.

Will President Bush put his Lord and Savior above his office and lay it on the line to stop once and for all the wholesale slaughter of unborn children or will he simply make token efforts before the TV camera to perpetuate a pro-life image? Will he be the “living sacrifice” that the apostle Paul called us to be in Romans 12:1 and risk his own presidency to put an end to the socialist brainwashing programs at work in the public school system or will he just remodel and repackage them under a new name? Will he take an uncompromising stand against the enemies of Christ and their new-age quest for a one-world government and religion or will he merely try to strengthen our position and influence at the United Nations? Will he seek justice for the hundreds who suffered and died at the hands of the previous administration or will he befriend its leader in the name of tolerance, diversity and unity? Will he protect our young from pedophiles within the homosexual community whose mission in life is to have sex with our children without fear of prosecution or will he choose to protect the predators instead by tolerating their abominable agenda of indoctrination disguised as healthy, normal and educational? Will he obey the Constitution and keep the federal government out of the church’s business as described in the 1st amendment or allow it to corrupt, control and silence the church’s gospel message of repentance and faith in Christ by promoting church/state partnerships?

Sure I’m thrilled to no longer see Clinton and Gore in the news every day. Nonetheless, the powers that brought them to the White House and kept them there for almost a decade are the same powers that brought us George W. Bush. If you doubt that, just sit back and watch the choices he makes over the next four years. Forget what he said on the campaign trail and watch what he does. If all we see out of him is more defense spending, a few minor tax cuts and a lot of ecumenical talk then you’ll know I was right when I said: “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another, they both march in the same direction.”

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