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Confronting semitism it’s called brainwashing

Published 16y ago -

Whatever “anti-Semitism” used to be in the United States, today it is employed almost without exception as a tool of conquest. Consider that it doesn’t really mean anything. I looked up the word “Semite” in a couple of dictionaries. The... More »


If Dissent is Treasonous, Then We’re All Traitors

Published 17y ago -

Nobody, not even the President of the United States. is always right. So there will always be people, at some time, who will disagree with his decisions, or voice their opposition to his policy. Does that make them traitors, as some contend? Not if this is sti... More »

Bill Press

Who Sucks? Bill Press: Natural Born Loser

Published 17y ago -

Now I remember why I hate CNN so much. For the longest time I thought it was Ted Turner, but even after he sold his interest in it I still hated the network. Then I assumed it must have been Bernie Shaw. But he is gone and the hate lingers. It’s an odd hate, r... More »


What Women Want: Who Cares?

Published 17y ago -

I had no intention whatsoever of writing on this topic this week, but after reading the headlines it became obvious that I had no choice but to speak up. Based on a recent news item and a new book I again validated what most men figured out long ago: as a grou... More »

If you love freedom: Get married and have kids

Published 17y ago -

In his blockbuster book, “The Death of the West”, Pat Buchanan critically analyzes several key ingredients he envisions as responsible for the decline in the social stability of America as a nation. Among these ingredients is the dichotomous popula... More »

Sins of Our Fathers: Americans Don’t Like Losers

Published 17y ago -

Slavery was an abominable evil, and we can be profoundly thankful as a nation that the civilized instincts of great men ensured its condemnation to the ash heap of history. But those who practiced this horrifying repression of human life are all dead – t... More »

Not-So-Civil Civilians: Did I Miss Something?

Published 18y ago -

I have read news report after news report that convey the Palestinians’ outrage over the actions of the Israeli soldiers and police forces against the poor Palestinian “civilians.” I’ve been in the military. I understand what a civilian... More »