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The department of education: Who need it?

Published 4y ago -

To the horror of some members of the media a couple of Republican candidates including Nevada’s Sharon Angle  are pledging that if elected they will fight to abolish the Department of Education. From the howls from the media and the nation’s long-coddled educr... More »

Political scavenging: Obama’s verminology

Published 5y ago -

Scott Brown began an ignominious career in the Kennedy Senate Chair by voting against his party. We are appropriately reminded of the old school cheer – “What’s the color of horseshit? Brown! Brown! Brown!” After his brief association w... More »

Redmen, seminoles and savages: PART II

Published 5y ago -

Image courtesy of Tom Woodward under CC BY-SA 2.0. Boy, howdy! The big chiefs of some of the nation’s colleges and universities who sit on the Executive Committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association forced some of their colleagues across the nation... More »

How to end terrorist attacks: Two men with the answer

Published 5y ago -

Image courtesy of Wally Gobetz under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. If terrorists measure success by the confusion they cause when people try to guess when the war will end, then the terrorists have already won. This was made shockingly clear in an article by reporter Charl... More »

For God’s sake: We need a new vision

Published 5y ago -

I always felt that my hometown was a microcosm of the world. With that said, I would like to address this talk of separation of God and State. I worry that the sins of the father are handed down to the sons and daughters; I worry that words don’t mean what the... More »

One branch of government left: The Bush branch

Published 5y ago -

The executive branch? The legislative branch? The judicial branch? Forget it. They’re history. You’ve heard of fiat currency? Well, now we have a fiat government. When the founding fathers put this nation together they very wisely made checks and balances a ke... More »