Bush makes slick Willie…: Look like an amateur

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As the nation prepares for Tuesday’s State Of The Union address, the president is making ready for another sales pitch for his war on Iraq. Americans will be told that Iraq is building up weapons of mass destruction parallels will be drawn to Adolph Hitler and history’s lessons of appeasement etc, all in the name of an abstract and never ending war against terrorism. In a nutshell, Tuesday night will be a con job on the public at large.

President Bush will not, or if he does it will only be in passing, mention the paramount issue of protecting the borders of the United States. Even after illegal aliens changed history forever by attacking the United States on September 11th 2001 the Bush administration simply refuses to police the borders. Instead it has opted for creating a police state. Eleven million illegal aliens have invaded the United States, 1.4 million in 2002 the year following the terrorist attacks, just how many are terrorists?

Congress has forfeited its constitutional duty to declare war to the whims of the president. The president simply ignores the fact that the only effective delivery system of weapons of mass destruction available to terrorists is an immigrant. Terrorists and even rogue nations like Iraq simply do not have missiles capable of reaching the United States.

If Iraq is a fraction of the threat that the administration claims, then any attack on Iraq is sure to unleash scores of terrorist cells in the United States using chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.

Civilian militias are beginning to form on the borders in an attempt to do what the federal government refuses to do. Meanwhile, Mexican drug smugglers are entering the country and firing automatic weapons at the U.S. border patrol.

Where is Bush’s concern about national security in this instance?

Thankfully, a court order has temporarily halted the implementation of a provision of NAFTA, which Bush supports, that will shortly allow Mexican truckers free reign across the continental United States endangering the lives of millions of Americans to possible weapons of mass destruction. It will also put many truckers out of work.

H-1b visas continue to terrorize American workers in the high tech industry as foreign labor is imported at a fraction of the pay dictated by the U.S. free market.

Recent by reports by UPI say that Israel, America’s supposed ally will now begin a policy of committing terrorism on American soil by assassinating its perceived enemies.

Why hasn’t Bush responded to this threat of terrorism?

Bush’s radical policy of pre-emptive military force is beginning to isolate the United States. It to some extent is giving credence to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Maybe more importantly, the North Korea situation has pointed out that going nuclear is the best way for a third world country to get the U.S. to back off. Which of course means that Bush’s radical pre-emptive military policy is encouraging nations to go nuclear.

Is his policy making the world safer?

For the first time in the history of the United States it will become an aggressor nation, attacking a country that has never attacked or declared war on it. Afterward a tremendous nation building effort will take place.

The whole case for war with Iraq is built around enforcing U.N. resolutions. U.N. resolutions have become more important than U.S. law, even though the U.N. illegally claims the ability to try U.S. citizens in a world court. Bush is actually causing friction within the U.N. because he wants to push the globalist agenda too far too fast. After all, a global body that enforces its laws through military force is a World Government.

The war on terrorism is being used as an excuse to eliminate the U.S. constitution and create a police state. A world without borders encourages international terrorism. The only remedy is a grand totalitarian state. The Information Awareness Office is a testament to that.

Maybe the most striking revelation of late was that according to a powerful U.S. senator classified evidence exists that points to foreign governments being involved in the September 11th attacks. That would be like concealing who bombed Pearl Harbor in the name of national security. That may be the cover up of the millennium.

If Bill Clinton were president conservative mouthpieces would be going nuts and attacking him for expanding the size of government and violating civil liberties. Since George Bush is the president, rubber stamp conservatives won’t say a word, but in truth, Bush’s Bubba Gump routine makes Clinton look like an amateur.

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