Boxer and Feinstein – Yenta power! yen·ta (yèn’te) noun slang – a woman who is regarded as meddlesome or gossipy

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I’m Jewish. I noticed it in the shower this morning. Factor that into your consideration of what follows.

California has long been a laboratory for political and cultural weirdness. The only reason the Spanish Inquisition never really “took” on the Coast is because most forced conversions in California are not religious, they’re sexual. There are even indications that God is losing confidence in Californians. As the angels report Him, “I step away from My Throne of Judgement for a few millennia, and look who they elect to the Senate.” xx

Among the higher lowlifes in the Clinton cabal are Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, the Lady MacBeth and Baby Jane of the Upper Chamber.Though Jewish by birth, their inclination is totalitarian. They don’t seem able to detect that not-so-fine fine line between irony and blasphemy. The threat to the Constitution of the United States they represent is too grave to merely dismiss them as a couple long-in-the-tooth, short-in-the-smarts, post-debutantes that have been duped. On the contrary; it’s just that Bill Clinton is an open book. Within the first sixty seconds of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud would have realized he had a couch full of fascist. Anyone who can look at Bubba and not see a potential bail jumper is either in collusion or in a coma.

Boxer and Feinstein are addicted to the power and prestige of being in the Senate. To maintain their habit, all they have to do is vote the way Clinton tells them to, and show up at the White House twice a week to shave Hillary’s legs. One wonders how broads that pushy can be so deferential to Bill Clinton, a guy with a custard spine. It goes far to explain how Boxer and Feinstein, who have found such a sense of repose in “the world’s foremost deliberative body”, have managed to do so much to convert it from a Senate to a soap opera.

The big question they confront every day is whether to dismantle the Constitution all at once or just one Amendment at a time, in anticipation that Clinton will strike them a medal for each instance (The Benedict Arnold Badge of Wavering Loyalty) ultimately for undermining the Second Amendment with Oak Leaf Clusters for the other nine. They are undisturbed by the Senate’s ritual hypocrisy in opening each session with a prayer and spending the rest of their day spitting in the face of Salvation. Any legislative durbar that does not begin and end with an alarm that the President is a criminal and a traitor, either doesn’t understand the situation or plain has no reason to exist.


In His Omniscience, giving and taking away is a dynamic that God retained for Himself, lest it fall into unscrupulous claws like Boxer’s and Feinstein’s. Boxer and Feinstein opted for confiscation as their most readily available form of oppression. As they are married, one would think they already have someone handy to oppress.

If Boxer and Feinstein are determined to use the loathsome term “confiscation” they should be prepared to pay the surviving Hitler family members a royalty. We do not know how the word passes their lips while some of their co-religionists are still trying to recover from Swiss banks the gold the Nazis “confiscated” from their relatives’ teeth in concentration camps. (In California, confiscation is no less Nazism than it was in Hitler’s Germany. Consistent with that ethos, it was Bruno Hauptman, of Teutonic extraction, who “confiscated” the Lindbergh baby.)

America began with property rights; the Nazification of Germany was launched by confiscation. Check history and see who were the major exponents of confiscation – Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Tojo, Idi Amin and Attila the Hun. By confiscation most of the great art in Europe ended up in Herman Goering’s rumpus room. Comes along Boxer and Feinstein, and the beat goes on. Given their way, confiscation is only a short musical step from “California Here I Come” to “California Uber Alles.” California with its confiscatory mindset and freaky sex partisans has become a reenactment of Luchino Visconti’s film, “The Damned.” (Must be something in the water.)

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is to elect Boxer and Feinstein to the U.S. Senate. Each day, they make conspicuous that the basic concept of freedom is alien to them. Nor can they appreciate that, like love, freedom is not available on demand, but must be given to be experienced. They ain’t giving. They’re taking away.

While Boxer twists her handkerchief about gun ownership, it is in all the Democrat inner city strongholds that World War III is already being fought with Saturday Night Specials. There is no sane reason for confiscation of guns other than it folds neatly into these damsels’ political ambitions and fits snugly into the constellation of their neuroses. It can only rig the odds of survival against the defenseless to a point somewhere between lopsided and astronomical. Confiscation of guns is no more likely to end violence than it is to restore Madonna’s chastity.

Neither of these ladies has the mentality, agility, or sense of sportsmanship that would make them eligible to compete in a roller derby. Doubtless, if they didn’t like the numbers on the scoreboard, they would stop the World Series and confiscate the ball. It would then remain only for the players to use the bats on each other to determine the Championship – thus, Boxer and Feinstein’s variation on “the national pastime.” Left to them, the Minute Men would have gone out to meet the British at Lexington and Concord without their muskets and the 6th Fleet, stripped of their 16 inch guns, would be bobbing harmlessly in the Straits of Taiwan. If the Chinese Communists attack, why not just send in a flotilla of ducks? These acquisitive ladies might do well to channel their rampaging confiscatory inclinations constructively by labeling their garbage “Contraband” and have the Feds confiscate it – hopefully, before it begins to smell like the pantry next to Clinton’s Oval Office.

At risk of appearing parochial, confiscation is an act of unlawful acquisition (Janet Reno having already annulled the rule of law.) In civilized societies it is called “stealing”, and they send your ass to the slammer for it. In the Boxer/Feinstein frame of reference, it is an emotional outlet for bored biddies in mid-life crises. The Ten Commandments calls it covetousness and pronounces it a “no-no.” Should these twits succeed in nullifying whatever provision of the Bill of Rights that offends them (un-American), you can be sure The Ten Commandments will be next – and then they’re into sacrilege. It may be that Boxer and Feinstein became emboldened to make this move after they perceived that Monica Lewinsky took Arkanpork in her mouth and did not get struck by lightning.

It should not be necessary to remind us all, guns have a long and honorable history of keeping thieves, despots and officious yentas like Boxer and Feinstein from sending jack-booted people to break down doors in the dead of night and cart away other folk’s property. Guns can prevent that. An Ak-47 is not only a means of defense, but also an effective confiscation deterrent.

As the question is unlikely to arise in Congress, let me pose it here. Who the hell are Boxer and Feinstein to abridge anyone’s right to be, or to do, or to own anything damn thing they please? By their adoration of a traitor, perjurer, pervert and assassin, they have forfeited the right to an opinion about religion, politics, or even the weather. As with their fellow Democrats, they have discerned something mathematicians Pythagoras and Euclid missed – that there is something lower than the lowest common denominator – and elected it President.

To call a Democrat a traitor is to have presumed a one-time loyalty to this nation. The evidence is not persuasive. There’s not enough “give” for that in the presumption or in the Constitution. Their party’s endless attacks on that noble document demonstrates loyalty is antithetical to the nature of this latest crop of lefties. Given the opportunity, Democrats identify with the oppressor, rather than the victim. Consider – John F. Kennedy stood, metaphorically, atop a mountain of corpses when he proclaimed, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” He did not proclaim his solidarity or even sympathy with their victims. (The most recent callous display came on the West Bank from Democrat Hillary Clinton, showing her cohesion with the PLO by saying in effect “Ich bin ein Palestiner.”

One supposes some smidgen of patriotism still abides in Boxer and Feinstein, in that each time they hear The Star Spangled Banner they have an urge to confiscate an American flag. Either one would serve as a Woody Allen nemesis, that overbearing, intimidating Everywoman that is the social antidote for Viagra. Boys falling under their suffocating penumbra instantly would be provoked to run away from home, but not endowed with the courage to act on it.

Boxer and Feinstein want to author their own set of Nuremberg Laws. In California, Arbeit Macht Frei might as well be translated, “Surf City, here we come!” Under their aegis the swallows would be headed for Capistrano in cattle cars. Everyone accepts, “You can’t take it with you.” Boxer and Feinstein don’t want you to have it while you’re here. Like all liberals, they mean to end the inequities in a free society by ending the free society. Measures like confiscation are yet another approach in the glide path to “the final solution.”

When not prowling the Capitol looking for copies of the Constitution they can shred, Feinstein and Boxer function as Clinton’s political Judas goats, recruiting liberals to become members of an Eleventh Lost Tribe of Israel.

Boxer and Feinstein seem archetypal of some people who appear relieved when told they “don’t look Jewish”, when in fact they don’t even look human. Boxer and Feinstein have blossomed under the new Clinton fascist chic. Slaves to politically correct “trendiness”, these ladies prefer freedom in the new, shorter length, and perceive thought control as “all the rage”, repression is “in”, and swastika armbands as a “fashion statement.”

There is no way to be cautious, circumspect or cute about it. It is an easy certainty Bill Clinton is a fascist. That anyone who follows him is a fascist sympathizer is only a trifle more subtle. He manipulates his Jewish aides into functioning like some kind of kosher Brown Shirts. If Judaism had a Pope, they would be declared excommunicate, anathema, and outta here.

In a nation that gave the Jews refuge from tyranny, Jewish ciphers in the Clinton White House were silent when their Christian hosts were burned at Waco, Texas, This time it wasn’t the Jews being burned by Nazis, but Christians being incinerated by Democrats.

While Boxer and Feinstein are whining and sniveling about guns in America, Hillary Clinton sat in silent sanction as Arafat’s bride filled the air with sulphurous lies about Jews “gassing and poisoning” Arab women and children. The resulting uproar caused HRC to re-edit her Brooklyn campaign speech where she planned to make the case that the Holocaust was only over a difference of opinion – and even if it happened, the Nazis had provocation.

That a program of confiscation of weapons will end violence is a vicious absurdity. Deprived of guns, the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto had nothing to be confiscated but their ashes. It is a profane that at this late date, Boxer and Feinstein have to be reminded the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were denied arms, which assured the Nazi SS when they invaded the ghetto, they were guaranteed “safety in the workplace.” In that light, for a Jew today to advocate confiscation is to add insult to barbarity and compound atrocity. This is not 1933. Except for those few in Congress, a Jew with a gun is less worried about anti-Semitism than a Jew without one, in which case, it is the anti-Semite that must think twice.

At an earlier time, more than likely, Boxer and Feinstein would have lamented, “Why did the Christians not cry out when Hitler gassed and burned the first Jews in Germany?” It might also be asked, why did Feinstein and Boxer not cry out when Clinton gassed and burned the first Christians in Waco, Texas? Do they need to see tapes of the Clinton Polizei collecting the Branch Davidian’s tooth fillings to gold plate bathroom fixtures in the inner city?

Boxer and Feinstein seem not offended when Louis Farrakhan called Judaism “a gutter religion”, nor were they stung when Bill Clinton remained silent. Buddha would at least have had the courage to utter, “No comment.” Others have trodden the path Boxer and Feinstein are preparing. Some made it to Argentina. If American Jews mark their history, they will not wait for the sound of the Arkansas Iron Guard’s rifle butts on their doors, but dispossess the fascists from the White House – now!

Jews, are said (more by antagonists than by friends) to be among the canniest people in the world. If there’s any truth in that, Bill Clinton managed to weed out the suckers and make them his tools, which, in the long run, will have a salutary effect on the rest of the Jewish gene pool. Clinton has given some of these hick Hebrews positions of high visibility in his administration. At the appropriate time, they will take the fall for his felonies, perjuries, perversions, and assassinations, fulfilling their roles as perennial fall guys, historically made to order for the part. Bubba knew that when he fingered them for Clintonization.

Jews who support Clinton are at risk of becoming their own ethnic slur. Worse, their allegiance to him is some reassertion of the psychopathology of a concentration camp death wish. Clinton’s champions in Hollywood seem to manifest an atavistic affinity for the gas chamber, and, unlike their martyred predecessors, are even willing to pay to get in. They consider Bill Clinton a friend to the Jews because they never actually saw him strangle one with his bare hands. (Pope Pius XII has recently been re-measured with a similar yardstick.)


I imagine the extent of the religiosity of these over-the-hill “valley girls” is to pray for a way in which William Jefferson Satan can continue levying his curse on this nation. At the Democratic National Convention, Clinton may reasonably expect Boxer to deliver from the great state of Auschwitz, six million proxy electoral votes for his third term. Clinton will no more yield power willingly than Hitler did.

Auntie Barbara is a castrating bitch who has brought her state into ridicule and contempt. Having her represent California is the equivalent of Mississippi being represented in the Senate by a boll weevil. (God knows with Trent Lott, Mississippians have their own tsuris.) Her personality is as soothing as a gravel enema into a bowel already inflamed with bias. Her thinking is a diagram of sociological ricochets. Her data-intake meter is set on Pre-Warp. Boxer cannot receive a greeting card that says “Happy Birthday” without calculating it is a subtle form of pro-life propaganda.

Auntie Dianne is the Senate’s in-house Barbara Walters, an exponent of her patented pre-digested and upchucked “porridge-speak”, found in fermenting puddles on that chamber’s floor. (We concede it was Walters’ journalistic probing that managed to extract Monica Lewinsky’s explanation of her affair with Bill Clinton. (“I heard people saying the government sucks, and I just wanted to get in on it.”)

Feinstein is a wolf in Golda Meir’s clothing. Her protective maternal façade is always in overdrive. In winter, it prompts her to call the White House to remind Bubba it’s cold outside, and to wear a woolen condom. As the one time permissive, yet suffocating mayoral mother-figure of San Francisco, she consolidated its reputation as the “Guess My Sex Capital of the World”, assuming office at a time when the inhabitants of S.F. could not tell what sex they were. By the time she left they no longer cared. Feinstein’s “mother knows best” governance is political correctness based on matriarchal infallibility and set on automatic pilot. It’s crap.

This Boxer/Feinstein unwholesome compulsion to take things that don’t belong to them was equally assertive in Frau Mama Hitler – which she invested heavily in her son. She would send little Adolph down to the grocery store to confiscate supper, to the clothing store to confiscate lederhosen, and to school to confiscate a diploma. At Christmas time she taught the little bastard to commandeer der Nikolaus’ (Santa Claus) sleigh and confiscate other children’s’ toys. Inevitably, Adolph grew up with a full-blown urge to confiscate everything in sight, and the civilized world had to set aside its peaceful pursuits to teach Hitler to keep his cotton-pickin’ hands off countries that didn’t belong to him. People died.


If Boxer and Feinstein, avid expropriators-at-large, are a credit to anything it is not known what. Some of the groups that have bragging rights to them are The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the William Jefferson Clinton Committee for Constitutional Butchery, The Fishwife Caucus, The Bicker and Nag Coalition, Ballbreakers Anonymous, The Sisterhood for Mass Frittering, and the infamous National Organization of Wombats. All that these ladies can be counted on to manifest is that bitchy mood they’ve been in ever since Bill Gates married someone else’s daughter. The ladies of good breeding who compose these organizations have in common their admiration of Bill Clinton’s scruples, even gallantry, in that he doesn’t believe in raping a girl on a first date, which, in itself, may be just another one of his innumerable public perjuries. That they choose to believe it reveals much about them. If they feel safe around the Rapist-in-Chief, it is because most of them couldn’t get “felt up” on a battleship. (Boxer and Feinstein bring as much beautification to California as the offshore drilling rigs.)

The chatter of these magpies in assemblage sounds like someone threw a hand grenade into the Amazon rain forest. They flock to cackle the Clinton maudlin mantra that demeaned “care” and made it just another four-letter word. Freedom is too abstract a concept for these shallow ladies who have spent a lifetime wallowing in unearned privilege and much-earned contempt. They are a sorority of overripe-but-still-activist yentas, the mix of whose colognes can smite you like a blackjack. They are the matronly seductresses who bend over, expose their cleavage and coyly inquire, “Got milk?”

Clinton doesn’t have to be much of a Svengali to know all his Trilbys are not only hyper-susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, but have all undergone lobotomies. Moral vapor lock enabled them to countenance Clinton’s “confiscation” of Juanita Broaddrick’s virtue.

It used to be a cultural catch phrase among “the Chosen”, in evaluating political issues in the balance, “Is it good for the Jews?” A better measure is, if it’s good for Feinstein and Boxer, it’s bad for the Constitution, and that endangers everybody. In the wake of the Holocaust, their further repression (through confiscation or other ignoble means) is an affront to Jehovah. When Clinton’s Arkansas SS comes around, I suspect Boxer and Feinstein will be the only Jews who go quietly. Being unarmed, they won’t have any choice.

My ancestors fled oppression and found a haven in this nation. Christian Americans have always been there for me. I’ll be there for them.

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