Blacks who want to kill whites: Black hatred in America

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I am very curious about black Americans. I have avoided saying much about them, having actually hoped to make friends among them. What I have disliked is the hostility I have experienced at their hands though.

But first I would like to share two jokes with you, which I thought were great.

Saddam Hussein called Bush on the 11th. Sept. …
Saddam: Mr. President, I would like to express my condolences to you. It is a real tragedy. So many people, such great buildings… I would like to ensure that we had nothing in connection with that. It was not us …
Bush: What buildings? What people?? What are you talking about?
Saddam: Oh, and what time it is in America right now?
Bush: It’s 8.00 in the morning.
Saddam: Oops! Will call you back in an hour!, Bye Bye..

And my favorite:-
The prime minister of China called Bush on the 11th. Sept. after the attack on the Pentagon…
“I am sorry to hear about the attack. It was a very big tragedy…. but in case you’re missing any documents from the Pentagon, we have copies of everything..”

I would like to draw the Reader’s attention to an interesting discussion I stumbled upon relating to my website. These people conducting it don’t know that I am following their discussion and that you folks will be peeking over their shoulder.

Click here to follow the discussion of killing whites

This discussion is by black Americans who are talking about killing whites in Africa, and even suggesting that they would like to kill white Americans.

I have been on Internet for 10 years now, and I was given heat, especially in the days of Apartheid by whites around the world, most especially by white liberals in America. But I have also received hate mail from blacks, especially black Americans over the years.

The irony for me always was, that I am not a native South African but because I am white, and I have lived there for 20 years, I am the object of the same hatred that native South Africans have to contend with. It is good though that I lived in Rhodesia because I have seen British colonialism and also South African Apartheid.

I have been told many times by black Americans that we should be killed, stripped of everything we have, run out of Africa, etc, etc. But take a look at the discussion, which those black Americans were having.

I have sat back and considered the kind of statements that black Americans have made to myself and others. The first thing, which strikes me, is these people don’t even know me. They don’t know how I live my life, how I behave, nor what I do. But they are very quick to rush over to lecture me on how wrong I am – and how wrong others like me are. They are quick to pass judgement without having any facts for their case. They have no idea how I do or do not interact with black people, nor what I have done to them in my life, or they to me.

Maybe I am only hearing from the black Americans who have the biggest chip on their shoulders. Maybe my views of black Americans are colored by those who wrote to me, and if I were in America, I might find that there is a quiet majority who are quite different. I would hope so.

But at a higher level, I observe black Americans as an outsider, and I compare them to the blacks in Africa, and I observe various differences.

I have noted, over the years, that black Americans have come to my website, and quickly glanced it over and then made some derogatory remark that I am writing rubbish and off they go. The fact that I quote newspaper stories, or put up photos does not mean anything to them. They just ignore, at the drop of a hat, things I say – even when it happens that a long time later I am proven right. I remember, how liberal Americans and black Americans attacked me over Mugabe. But as the months and years have gone by, it has been proven that Mugabe is indeed a very evil man – maybe the most evil man on the planet. The few Americans who were my friends when I first got on the Internet in the early 1990’s will remember that I said from the start that Mugabe was the most evil black man in Africa. This has been amply proven, and the worst still lies ahead. I hope that when the real bloodshed comes that people will realize that it was us whites who spoke the truth, long before anyone else did. No doubt black Americans will be the last to realize the truth, and let them suffer a loss in credibility for that because they don’t want to listen to us when we tell them the facts.

One thing, which I find utterly surprising is that in my daily life here in South Africa, I never experience the unpleasantness and the hatred, which I get from black Americans. It is not the local black people here who are seething with hatred. It is black people, sitting on the other side of the world, who have never even been here, and who do not even know how we live our daily lives here. No black person in Africa has ever told me they would like to kill me. I can’t even think of an incident where a black person has gone on TV or the radio and said they should kill us all. But boy, have I seen that statement made many times by black Americans!!

A friend of mine, Lin, who can be called “politically naive”, decided to get involved in the Zimbabwe issue and she helped black Zimbabweans in South Africa. She gave them money, and did many things for them. She did a lot for them. But it was from overseas, that she had black people writing her hate mail because she is white. She then said to me one day “I am not ashamed to be white. Why should I be ashamed? What for? Why do they want me to be ashamed? What have I done wrong?” I said to her that this is the reception she would get from blacks outside Africa who don’t know what is going on here and who have a pile of preconceived notions, which have no relevance in southern Africa – which is actually a very developed portion of Africa.

The thing, which surprises me about black Americans, is that I have never in my life, heard as much hate-talk from the mouths of blacks, as the kind of stuff, which you hear from them. I have been surrounded by black people all my life, and never have I met such a bunch of embittered, unhappy black people with a chip on their shoulder as black Americans.

Black Americans strike me as a very unhappy group of people with a big chip on their shoulder about life. There are many displaced people in the world, people who no longer live in the land of their ancestors, but they are the only ones in the world who whine, bitch and complain about it. White Americans don’t live in Europe any more. But they don’t care a fig about it. Oh, I forgot! White Americans came across willingly from Europe – but black American’s forefathers did not! So are they all wishing they were born in modern Africa instead of the USA? Really? You must be kidding me.

What makes no sense to me is their obsession with living in the distant past. I know, for example, that my original forefather came to South African from Germany some time after the Napoleonic wars. Do I care? Does it affect me? No. What happened in the past, which did not affect me directly doesn’t bother me. I’ll bet it doesn’t bother you either. It wouldn’t bother most people – but, they want us to believe that it bothers them. Well, let me tell you something, blacks aren’t as mysterious and mystical as black Americans want you to believe. This whole business of “its a black thing and you whites wouldn’t understand” doesn’t cut it with me. I have reached the conclusion that when they throw that one at you it really means they have no logical answer but they are trying to fool you that they are so different that you can’t understand them. I thought their main argument was how identical they are – but it seems, their argument changes to whatever suits them at the time. Blacks in Africa, are pretty much like the rest of us, and they, for the most part, also couldn’t give half a hoot what happened generations ago. It is only communist-inspired politicians who are looking for an excuse to steal that are actually “concerned” about the past.

Black Americans are not as maligned as they like to pretend. In fact, as representatives of the black race, they have it better than any other blacks on the planet – but they are the most discontented with life. They live in a great country where they can get on TV and moan and moan and everyone listens. In Zimbabwe, where blacks really have something to moan about, they can barely open their mouths and it is shut up pretty quick. In Zimbabwe, if even a couple of people hold a meeting, they can be arrested and thrown in jail.

It is my personal opinion, that black Americans are softer than their cousins in Africa. In Africa, where blacks have real hardship, they are often cheerful in the face of difficulty. I’ve always believed that if you put black Americans anywhere on this continent they would run so fast you wouldn’t see them for the dust. Oh they could never live here. Very few of them can survive here. The few that come here, and dare to stay a time, only do so because they get nice cushy jobs. But they could never really integrate with their cousins here.

Oh, but they do so wish they were back in Africa don’t they? The way they carry on about their unhappy situation in North America, I often wonder why they don’t just get on a plane and come back to Africa. But its all talk. Maybe like an old woman who complains because she is in the habit of it, and has nothing else to talk about. But you don’t see any of them even daring to get on a plane to get out of the USA. They whine – but they stay. The call of Africa is not as strong as they pretend it to be. Deep down, they would not want to admit it, but they know life in the USA is better. But would they actually have the honesty inside of themselves to admit that life just ain’t so bad, and that the whites they co-exist with are actually OK?

If there is any group of people in North America who should be complaining it is the Red Indians. But they don’t. I once asked a Red Indian lady what the Red Indians thought of the blacks. She said that Red Indians regarded them as whiners, and the Red Indians have too much pride to do the same.

Another group of people who have been colonized, beaten-down, and treated the same as the blacks are the Asians. Here in South Africa, the Indians were treated almost exactly the same as the blacks. They were treated as “black people”. But Indians don’t moan. Indians are also law-abiding. Recently, an Indian lady, who bought my book remarked “Under Apartheid we were not white enough. Under black rule, we are not black enough”. The Colored (brown), people say a similar thing. Asians in America also get no special treatment. But Asian people who enter the USA, get themselves up and running successfully within 10 years of getting in to that country. I have read that blacks in America are jealous of the Asians and their success. That happened all across Africa. The blacks have thrown Indians out of countries e.g. Uganda. But you will not find Asians with chips on their shoulders – anywhere. Asians fit in, and get down to work. Asians are often extremely successful in any society they are in. The Indian lady told me that her father told her not to worry how she was treated but to make the most of life and to move on instead of dwelling on the past. Asians have a healthy attitude to life, and blacks could learn a lot from them.

In my opinion, blacks in Africa have a healthier attitude to life than blacks in America. Maybe it is the hardship that made the difference. They are not as quick to blame whites because they have walked the walk and they know that black rule isn’t all that great. The only blacks in Africa who still haven’t learned that lesson fully are the blacks in South Africa – but they are coming around. It is 9 years after Apartheid was gone and everyone was dancing in the streets, and the future just wasn’t as bright as the liberals had said it would be. These days blacks in South Africa complain a lot more. But it is not whites that they are complaining about – it is their corrupt politicians who are busy enriching themselves that irritates them.

If Apartheid was as terribly evil as people on the left around the world believe, then you would imagine the blacks were ready to slit all our throats. But the reality is quite different. Within 5 years of African National Congress rule, blacks began to become quite despondent about the future. In the 1999 Municipal elections, there was a very low voter turnout. Blacks may feel that the only political party they can vote for is the ANC, but they are unhappy with it. There has been talk for some years now that blacks won’t vote for anyone else, but they will not vote for the ANC either as a sign of their discontent. A week or two ago, we had a very strange incident in parliament where Tony Leon, the leader of the official opposition said that “blacks were better off under Apartheid.” I would have liked the anti-Apartheid activists around the world to hear that. Tony Leon’s Democratic Alliance has been working hard to win black voters to their side. With that in mind they have been going into the townships across the country speaking to blacks and canvassing. What Tony was saying was something, which a lot of us whites have been hearing on the quiet. Many blacks have said that although they are now free, they are discontented because materially – jobwise, and income-wise, they are worse off than before. Of course there are the many who got Affirmative Action positions or the few elite blacks who benefited from Black Empowerment. But the vast majority, the greater masses, are worse off. It was said that in the first 5 years after the ANC came to power that a million blacks lost their jobs. Some months ago it was said in THE STAR newspaper in Johannesburg that 80% of the self-help schemes in Johannesburg had failed! What is happening in South Africa is what happened all across Africa. A new, super-rich, black elite is created, while the masses are worse off. If there was any truth to the views of Apartheid being so utterly evil, then Tony Leon should have been laughed to scorn, or shouted down, or beaten up. But none of that occurred. In fact, President Mbeki’s non-committal come-back said a lot. He responded by saying, cryptically, “Prove to me that blacks are now worse off.” Tony Leon responded by saying that if you went into the townships and asked blacks then they would tell you themselves. There was a report in a British newspaper a few months ago (which is on my website), that a representative poll of South Africans resulted in more than 60% saying the country was better run under Apartheid. It was such an embarrassing news report that it was only printed by THE CITIZEN newspaper in Johannesburg and was not mentioned on radio or TV.

As for me, I am hardened by my experiences north of South Africa. I was telling Americans since before 1994 that blacks would not benefit much from the removal of Apartheid and in 20 years time they would be happy to have it back because by then the ANC would have ruined the economy.

Returning to black Americans, I think the unhappiness among them comes from the molly coddling the liberals gave them. I’ll bet that black Americans weren’t unhappy until the liberals (and communists), came along and told them to be unhappy. If they had been left alone to think for themselves and to analyze their situation for themselves instead of being told why they should be unhappy, they would have been much more content. Also, black Americans are very shielded from reality. They don’t really have to fend for themselves. They live in a first world country which is successful, which has a LOT of money to spend on social upliftment programs. You might disagree but I stand by my point. A country like the USA can spend huge amounts of money, which we never could on a small group of people making up only 14% of the population. You just can’t do better than that – a country with almost 300 million first world people uplifting only 40 million is a much easier thing to do than us where you have 5 million first world people trying to uplift 35 million. They have never experienced the raw hardship that blacks in Africa have. Blacks in Africa are more appreciative of white people, and blacks know what it is like to live WITH and WITHOUT whites, whereas black Americans will never know.

It is instructive to see, that as Africa was liberated – basically from north to south, that you had two mass migrations. Firstly the whites would move south, from one country to the next, and following on their heels a few years later were the blacks! Blacks always migrated into countries, which were still under white control. And when there were no longer such countries in Africa, the blacks began fleeing in ever larger quantities to Europe, etc. The EU is so bothered by blacks fleeing into Europe that they recently set up a “Navy” to intercept blacks.

It is instructive to note that blacks who flee Africa will do anything to get away. They will stow away on board ships, or get on small boats to get the hell away. You won’t see those soft black Americans doing that to get away from North America!! Nah! Life is too good.

Blacks in America are very out of touch with blacks in Africa and do not even fit into their culture. Blacks in America are so “Europeanized” that true African culture is actually alien to them. A few years ago, I heard of a black American who moved to Cape Town. Once there he found he could not relate to the local blacks. He ended up having white friends and lived and socialized with whites… Yes, those horrible, rabid, hateful whites… you know, the ones who did that horrible, cruel Apartheid thing… were his best friends…

Just read “Out of America” by that black American who came to Africa. He had first hand experience of those terrible, horrible whites, and he was quite surprised.

A black American in Africa is like a fish out of water. He doesn’t even fit in with the local blacks. I also think black Americans are more race-obsessed than their cousins in Africa. For them, everything in Africa is black vs white. But go around Africa and see if blacks in Africa feel the same way. Look at how many blacks are starting to invoke their old colonial ties to certain European countries to come and intervene in black on black violence. In these situations, the blacks have more hatred for the other blacks they are busy fighting than for the whites they once got rid of. In recent years, at a Press Conference, the President of Sierra Leone actually asked if they could once more become a part of the British Empire.

Ask a Zulu in South Africa, who he dislikes more: a white, or a Xhosa (e.g. Mandela is a Xhosa). Our current government is dominated by Xhosas, and it irritates the Zulus tremendously.

The British Empire was actually not a bad institution. The idea that it was the “Soviet British Empire” of oppression is a load of rubbish. The British did not do a shabby job in Africa. It was like the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was not cruel and oppressive. The Romans made good friends. Their empire survived for so long not because of military oppression but because they brought many benefits to those who worked with them. The British Empire was similarly not an oppressive empire. The British brought progress with them, and their colonies flourished.

I believe, firmly, that for Africa to progress, first world countries will have to engage in a type of neo-colonialism. The blacks won’t be able to pull it off by themselves.

But returning to the black Americans, what track record of governance and achievement do they have? Or is all this whining really just a smoke-screen to cover up their own lack of achievement? I have had white Americans write to me, telling me that the worst-run US cities are the ones with black mayors. As a Jewish friend of mine pointed out to me recently, the two oldest black-run countries in the world have a strong black American component – and they are a shambles. They are even worse off than countries, which were formerly colonized by whites. It is instructive, therefore to compare the PROGRESS, which occurred under even a bit of white rule, compared to places where black Americans had power. The two countries my friend mentioned were Haiti, and Liberia. The history of Liberia is quite funny. I don’t know it in detail, but I do know it was run as a one-party state for almost a century!! Did black Americans learn NOTHING from the US Constitution? I find that quite funny. So there the black Americans had their freedom and they could do as they pleased, and they produced a corrupt, inept society that was more backward than any colony. The last I heard, there is a war in Liberia! Oops, I forgot according to black American theory, blacks don’t fight each other!!

What a load of bunk! They just don’t want to listen when some of us try to explain to them how it was that whites ended up controlling Africa. There were some blacks who befriended whites, and who even wanted to be under white rule. Blacks, from the first, were drawn away from their primitive societies because living with whites BROUGHT BENEFITS TO THEM – and they knew it. Blacks, across our planet, follow whites and seek to live among them. Take a look around and see it for yourself.

I was amazed, in the late 1990’s, at how many blacks in South Africa I had worked with chose to move to Europe or Britain!! I couldn’t believe it. They were now “in charge” and the first thing they did was run off to Europe! They wanted more money, and they were more than happy to live in a society totally dominated by whites! I thought black rule was what they had been dreaming of all their lives?

Black Americans can winge and whine all they want, but they aren’t going to leave North America because deep down in their hearts they know they have it good. But they don’t want to give the whites the pleasure of knowing it.

People don’t have to believe me, but it is already happening in your society. It is happening in your country and in a “white” country near you. What is happening to you is exactly the same thing that happened under Apartheid. I once sat down with an Afrikaner, Dr Kruger, who specialized in geo-strategic analysis. I asked him what went wrong with Apartheid. What killed Apartheid? He told me it was that blacks could not live by themselves. They could not make a go of things by themselves so they migrate to white areas, and the architects of Apartheid never expected this.

Let me explain Apartheid to you and then you will see how it relates to all of you. Most people around the world think that Apartheid was just “segregation” – but that is a small part of it. Apartheid was actually a valid attempt to solve the problem of having lots of people with different tribal aspirations. Apartheid was different from colonialism because it attempted to solve several problems in one shot. The core aspect of Apartheid was (a) To return land to the tribes who originally had it. (b) Allow each tribe self-government. (c) Allow each tribe to develop along the lines that it wanted to. South Africa, essentially, became a federation of several black countries with one white country, which controlled them.

Apartheid allocated land to the blacks according to where they lived historically. They were given governments, constitutions, etc. The black tribes ruled themselves. Apartheid, in concept was the very opposite of oppression. It actually said “We each go our separate ways”. The aim was to give blacks their land back, and then move them into it, and then they could be independent, etc.

The black countries had their own governments, passports, etc. But then there was “The White country”. And blacks were allowed into “the White country” as second-rate citizens. They were second rate citizens there because they were not meant to be there. They were meant to be in their tribal homeland areas. (NB: Keep all this in mind when you keep hearing about blacks “demanding their land back” in the years to come – under Apartheid they were given their land back – that which they had true historical claim to).

But what went wrong was that the black homelands were not as developed as the white areas, nor were the blacks all that keen on developing it, so they did what they have done all across Africa – and what they are now doing from this continent, to a continent near you: They moved to where the whites were!! Why? Because wherever whites are you will find economic activity, and hence get more money, etc. So black people were NOT that worried about ancestral lands, etc. They ran away from them to the white urban areas. But once there, they now wanted to change the rules. So now they wanted equality, etc. But their real problem was they could not make it in a situation where they had their own government, own Police, own Army, own constitution, so they run to the whites, and then they want to start changing the white society.

Blacks are doing that in Europe and they will do it in America.

I’m not saying Apartheid was perfect. It had other flaws and problems, but in concept it was a good plan. I’d go as far as to say this: Apartheid only failed because it was whites dealing with blacks. If Apartheid had been say, whites dealing with Asians, the Asians would have made it work.

Black Americans whine, even when there is no need to. The loss of their culture and their language united them. It was probably one of the best things that ever happened to them. If they had retained their tribal cultures they would probably be killing each other like their brothers and sisters are in Africa. In the DRC (formerly Zaire), 2.5 million blacks were killed in the war which took place there in recent years. It was a completely black on black war with about 11 different black nations pounding the hell out of each other. Zimbabwe and Angola were among the participants.

It was just like in the days before colonialism!! People forget colonialism brought peace to Africa. Now that it is gone, blacks will revert to the way they were and there will be more war. Look at the dozens of black on black civil wars which came AFTER colonialism disappeared.

Another thing that existed before whites came, was the exploitation of blacks by their own leaders. We whites have often remarked that in black society the top dogs actually have a greater disregard for their own poor than whites have. Megalomania seems to be much more common among blacks than among whites. I have a theory that it is in part due to black leaders feeling insecure. I believe they hoard “power” because they feel very threatened.

Black Americans love looking at Africa in terms of race, and I laugh. They will be looking pretty stupid in years to come when we whites are proven more right. Just today, as I was writing this, I brought THE SUNDAY TIMES (see – which is a large newspaper in Johannesburg. It’s headline reads “Moyo grabs land from peasants”. The story is that Mugabe’s elite, (among them Professor Moyo his liar-in-chief), are actually FORCEFULLY RUNNING BLACK PEASANTS OFF WHITE FARMLAND THAT THEY HAD OCCUPIED! I have been hearing rumors of this for months. But apparently it is happening on a big scale. The black peasants stole the land from whites, and now the black elite is kicking them off! I have a list, which is more than 6 months old, naming 1,000 farms (of the grand total of 4,400 farms), which were handed to Mugabe’s friends and family!! I still want to put it on my website some time. Even Mugabe’s wife got a farm. The super-rich black elite in Zimbabwe used the black masses to enrich them – just as is already happening in South Africa. Oh, I forgot. Maybe “its a black thing, which I wouldn’t understand!”

Black Americans have much to be thankful for. From my point of view, their unhappiness is the result of them believing in junk ideas about the past and also the present. They long for something they have no knowledge of. Their fanciful ideas of what African history was bears no relation to the actual evidence, and is easily disproven by the behavior of the blacks in Africa themselves. They obsess too much about blacks and whites. In my opinion, it is black Americans who have never truly grasped the mindset of their black cousins. Black Americans can’t understand the paternal relationship that exists between blacks and whites in Africa. It is alien to them, and to people outside Africa. But it is real, and I have seen it being invoked with this Zimbabwe Crisis, how black Zimbabweans seek out former Rhodesians, and whites from there. They invoke the common bond – the common love of the country and ask us for our help. They have even said to us they would like to have us back.

As far as I’m concerned, a lot of common black people in Africa would nowadays do the unthinkable. They would admit something that black Americans don’t have the honesty to. They would admit that they draw many benefits from having white people around.

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