Bitter reflections: Identifying the enemy

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I absolutely loathe liberalism, as I know most of you do. It is a deceptive, self-serving and destructive ideology. What’s more, it is a fashionable front for communists and socialists alike, but my friends, the devil is not a democrat any more than God is a republican. Furthermore, liberalism is not the disease that afflicts us, but merely a symptom. As long as we continue to diagnose IT as the cause our nation’s misery we will never be healed. Trying to cure liberalism with conservatism is like trying to cure a cold with a box of Kleenex. It provides only temporary relief, momentary gratification and a little dignity out in public, but in no way cures the common cold. No matter how many boxes we have on hand we still wake up in the morning with a nose full.

I know many of you embrace Rush Limbaugh as heaven’s answer to the world’s social ills. I myself was a faithful listener of the EIB Network for almost a decade. He kept me laughing through some times when there really wasn’t much to laugh about. Like most of you I love the guy and have learned a great deal from him. I believe he serves his country best though when he takes a more sincere demeanor and stately posture to advance the virtues of our founding fathers. Unfortunately, in order to fill three hours and hold the attention of radio’s largest audience he feels it necessary to appeal to our, shall we say, more vengeful and vindictive side. We have all heard him say time and again how he will never retire from radio until “everyone thinks just like me”. On the other hand he claims that he would never want to get rid of liberal democrats completely, but “keep a few of them around” so we’ll always be reminded of what they are. That may be clever and entertaining, but it’s also condescending, contradictory, counterproductive and disingenuous.

Although Rush is an honorable man and a patriot, his show continues to be successful not because of his listener’s love for conservatism but because of their sadistic attitude toward liberals. Over the last eight years Clinton alone has provided Rush with all the meat he can mangle. (A well deserved meal too, I might add) I doubt there’s a more corrupt man in American politics today than our own president. But look at what WE have become over the last eight years because of him…more shrewd, severe and cutting, PROBABLY; more knowledgeable, informed, and engaged, CERTAINLY; more wise, mature and respectable…I don’t think so; more honorable, distinguished and humble…not hardly. And as far as I can tell there really aren’t many more conservatives now than there used to be, just more hard, cold, angry, cocky, sarcastic, nasty and cynical ones than ever before. Sure, we gained seats in the House and Senate, but gained little or nothing as human beings. Could it be that we’ve attacked the wrong people with the wrong weapons for all the wrong reasons?

One of the things I admire most about George W. Bush is that he seems to have taken the high road through all of this. Frankly, looking back now, I wish more of us, including myself, had taken it with him. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle we often forget who we are, why we’re here and who sent us.

Without liberalism Rush is a warrior without a war, a fireman without a fire, a prosecutor without a perpetrator and a doctor without a disease. Therefore, I suspect the real reason he doesn’t want liberal democrats to go away altogether is not because we need to remember what a liberal is, but because he gets his jack and jollies from ridiculing them five days a week. If we were completely honest about motives, I think we’d have to admit that the majority of his show is about as redeeming as keeping a voodoo doll in your pocket to amuse yourself and your friends by torturing some miserable and confused soul with stick pins and burning matches…. Not necessarily because he NEEDS it, but because you can.

After years of listening to Rush it finally dawned on me that he’s not really out to rid the world of liberalism. That would put him out of a job! He’s out to control, exploit and profit from it the way government does from whiskey and tobacco; the way Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione and Larry Flynt do from pornography and the way Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan do from racism. And it doesn’t stop there. What about the countless actors, writers, singers, composers, musicians, producers, talk show hosts and comedians who promote filth, violence, rape, homosexuality, paganism, pedophilia, witchcraft, vulgarity, greed and sensationalism while claiming to provide a service to the public… In spite of the damage it does to our children, families, culture and society as a whole?

True liberals, those who are not really socialists in disguise, I believe are just emotional adolescents, juvenile delinquents in aging bodies… restless, reckless and rebelliously terminal teenagers that for whatever reason refuse to grow up and conform to a higher authority. Lost in their own self-serving ideological dream world, they constantly shirk moral responsibility and personal accountability to follow that yellow brick road to “The Emerald City”…Hollywood’s fictitious answer to “The Streets of Gold”. That’s why it has become such a breeding ground for liberals and their hedonistic religion. When socialists successfully inverted our culture and values back in the 60’s with their sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll formula, exalting youth, fashion and beauty over wisdom, age and maturity they set the stage for the tragic drama now unfolding.

Look at television news. Oh we conservatives might THINK we’ve won a major victory in the media wars because a cable channel like Fox News comes along promoting “fair and balanced coverage”, but it still uses the same hedonistic formula that liberals have used on us for years. Almost every day their news segments and interviews are geared to tease and tantalize their audience with adult humor and salacious stories about everything from the porn industry, to gay life, to strippers, to nude beaches, to witchcraft, to psychic’s, to demonic activity, perversion, sensationalism and gossip, gossip, gossip. And why wouldn’t they, being owned by a world-renown billionaire and global socialist? It doesn’t take a PHD in psychology to figure out what’s going on here. “Yeah, but at least the conservative message is getting out,” you say? Well, that may be so; but the most dangerous lies are the one’s that are three-quarters truth.

The questions I find myself asking as I survey the smoking battlefield around me are this; “Will we conservatives and republicans simply go the way of liberal democrats and become just like them in their, decadence, depravity, demagoguery and deceit? Will we fill our stomachs with the sweet meat of debauchery and our hearts with the humanism we once despised just to gain a little ground?” Or will we stop for a look in the mirror to see what God sees; that WE OURSELVES, not liberals are the REAL enemy here… Not just because of what we have allowed to happen to our country collectively, but for what we have failed to make of our lives individually? In our lust and rage against the liberal machine will we continue to forget who we are, where we came from and to whom we shall return? Or will we finally…. FINALLY humble ourselves as a nation in repentance and faith before the One that gave us all that now slips away?

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn away from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14)

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