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Who should apologize for slavery?: The truth

Published 12y ago -

Note to Readers: Kaliher has never been sufficiently liquored-up enough to bungee jump. Almost every other day I read somewhere some moron is asking someone to apologize for slavery. On the in between days I read some state governor moron apologizes for slaver... More »

A novel idea: Illegal immigration and outsourcing

Published 13y ago -

Note to Readers: CIA sources claim Mr. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi left all his worldly belongings to Kaliher. I’ve figured out the cure for illegal immigration and outsourcing. Surprisingly, to the idiots and/or liberals among us, both rich Democrats and their usual... More »

Kaliher explains his observation on Mexico 2005

Published 13y ago -

Note to Readers: Sexologists have determined Kaliher would love on sight anyone who truly fit the name, Bertha Goodbody. My recent Ether Zone article, Observations on Mexico 2005, stimulated a surprising amount of mail. Thankfully, all were respectful, if ques... More »

Observations on Mexico 2005: What’s the truth

Published 13y ago -

Note to Readers: Using a 1000 X binocular microscope, Kaliher can be seen through the White House window on the back of a twenty dollar bill, taking a snooze. I just finished a rapid bus trip through Mexico. I traveled a little over two weeks, mainly in Guadal... More »

Morse for congress: The man to stop Barney Frank

Published 13y ago -

Mr. Chuck Morse is campaigning to represent the Fourth District of Massachusetts in Congress, http://www.morseforcongress.com/ . He faces a darling of the left and big media in Barney Frank. Mr. Morse lists himself as “The Taxpayers’ Candidate,” ra... More »

Koppel slimes the noble: ABC the bottom feeder

Published 14y ago -

Note to Readers: UFO sites are reporting Kaliher recently ran off two alien abductors with a Brussel sprout that closely resembled Madonna. Some months ago a Fox news analyst wondered why many Americans were glad when American reporters were killed during the ... More »