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Unworkable delusions: Rethinking open borders

Published 17y ago -

The case for the United States having completely open borders is superficially appealing, at least to those who cherish individual freedom and free-market capitalism. This is why many who embrace the market, particularly libertarians, are intrigued by the idea... More »

Not dead yet: Social conservatism

Published 17y ago -

When Whittaker Chambers abandoned communism and affirmed his belief in Western capitalism and Christianity, he was convinced he was actually switching from the winning side to the losing side. He thought the rising tide of collectivism was irreversible and tha... More »


Sorry Teddy: John F. Kennedy Cut Taxes

Published 17y ago -

Among Camelot-crazed liberals, quoting President John F. Kennedy in support of a Republican tax-cut proposal is as much a sacrilege as quoting the Bible in defense of Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior – in fact, judging from their acceptance of Rev. Jesse J... More »