Richard Davis

Show BioHide BioRichard Davis is a native of the Midwest. He received a journalism degree from the University of Illinois and through the years has worked as reporter, editor and publisher on various publications. He considers himself an independent, non-ideological conservative, a staunch anti-liberal and a believer in traditional Western/European values and culture. Richard has been writing columns for various conservative web publications for five years. He is a new columnist for Ether Zone. Richard Davis can be reached at: [email protected]

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Obama’s clean: But does bathing make a president?

Published 12y ago -

Barack Obama could be a poster child for the social prejudice lookism. He owes everything to his appearance – and to his diction, of course. He’s the proverbial smooth-talker. No one can name a single thing the man’s actually done or wants to do. Nothing... More »

Christophobia: Jesus is driving liberals nuts

Published 12y ago -

If you were a foreigner learning about the United States through our books and media you would think American culture was dominated by Christianity and that the country was virtually in the hands of Christian hardliners. If you then moved to America, even to a... More »