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Tending the garden and praying for rain

Published 16y ago -

It’s amazing what one can learn in a vegetable garden. Until last year I hadn’t the slightest urge to plant one. And frankly, were it not for my wife’s passion and perseverance I doubt it would ever have come into fruition. I’m just not... More »

Behold the Harlot!: Welcome to the Masquerade

Published 16y ago -

width=”100%”>Every day I see more and more evidence of a new church emerging…a worldly creature with floating values that leans on the wealth, power, advise and influence of politicians, occultists, consultants, analysts and marketers. It ... More »

Christian rock: The rhythm of a dying world

Published 16y ago -

I retired from the music business a few years ago after having forged out a respectable living for myself in a 20 year-long pursuit of fame and fortune. Captivated early on by The Beatles, like so many from my generation, nothing in life was as important to me... More »

The man in the corner…: And the faith of a child

Published 16y ago -

I go through a lot of news articles in a day, but seldom does one effect me like the story of little Antonio; a kindergartner in Syracuse, New York who recently found himself tangled up in the machinery of political correctness. There he was, with his complete... More »

Willow creek (part VI): Sifting the saints

Published 16y ago -

I have received a lot of email over the last year from many who have heard the “still small voice” calling them out of the seeker-sensitive church-growth movement and it’s thousands of Willow Creek/Saddleback churches across America. Many hav... More »

Faith-based organizations: The trap is set

Published 16y ago -

“I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” (Exodus 20:2-3) Like I’ve already stated in an earlier piece; government charity is an oxymoron. ... More »

Willow creek (part V) : An unholy alliance

Published 16y ago -

Twice this week I have stumbled onto articles heralding the new partnership between church and state now being manifested in the form of government-sponsored faith-based organizations where social programs can be carried out by Uncle Sam’s newest federal... More »

The age of illusion (Part III): An elian abduction

Published 16y ago -

Do not attempt to adjust your television set. We are in control! You cannot escape! An Elian has landed in Miami and it futile to resist him! Now I ask you…who is the REAL hostage here? Instead of us all jumping aboard the Good Ship Lottapoop to rescue s... More »