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Government charity: What an oxymoron

Published 16y ago -

The other day I made my way to Nashville to pick up my significant other for lunch at a popular downtown restaurant. When she got into the car she immediately began venting her frustration over all of the horns honking around the state capital building where t... More »

The age of illusion (Part VI): Phantom sensations

Published 16y ago -

I seem to recall from my misspent youth, an unsettling episode from a sci-fi program, much like The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery, where a man, (as best I can remember), awakens disoriented from an operation in a place resembling that of a hospital, wondering... More »

The truth abouth terrorism: A question of faith

Published 16y ago -

In light of recent events and the holiday before us, I am compelled to ask where your faith is. Maybe you’ve got a tree up and decorated with plans to have family and friends over to celebrate Christmas. Maybe you’re ahead of the crowd and have all... More »

Enron: The inverted world of sin and debt

Published 16y ago -

Well, it seems that many beguiled investors are finally facing the facts about business as usual in America. Some learned their lesson the hard way a couple of years ago watching their dot com dreams go down in double digits on the NASDAQ as it fell from over ... More »

The age of illusion (Part V): The superman sundrome

Published 16y ago -

As a child, all I ever wanted to be was Superman. Like many who spent their boyhood years captivated by the “man of steel”, I often fantasized about wowing the world with my superhuman strength, x-ray vision and the remarkable ability to fly. If th... More »

Silent partners and our lying eyes

Published 16y ago -

My wife and I stopped by to visit her mother one afternoon and just happened to catch her in the middle of her favorite soap opera. Now I don’t know one show from another, much less one character from another, but it was clear to me that this woman didn&... More »

Money money everywhere: And not a buck to pass

Published 16y ago -

It occurred to me the other day after anthrax started showing up in mail deliveries followed by the predictable prophesies of a future federal halt to snail mail, that other drastic changes in our way of life might be advantageous to those trying to usher in t... More »

God bless America?: For what?

Published 16y ago -

In the Age Of Illusion, the most unethical president and attorney general in the history of America were remarkably replaced earlier this year by a “Christian” president and attorney general which led some of us to believe that our nation’s c... More »

The Falwell Faux Pas: Another towering inferno

Published 16y ago -

I’m sure many evangelicals squirmed in their seats as they watched Jerry Falwell trying to save himself on ABC’s Good Morning America by claiming he didn’t really mean what he said the day before on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club about homose... More »