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Russian mafia kill Litvinenko?: Looks like it

Published 12y ago -

They’re making a movie about the Litvinenko affair, but if Hollywood hews to the narrative dished out by the British tabloids, then I wouldn’t count on it being a box office hit. After all, the idea that the Kremlin would assassinate such an insign... More »

Stephen Schwartz: Liar, wackball, creep

Published 12y ago -

Every couple of months or so, Stephen Schwartz, aka Suleyman Ahmad, aka “Comrade Sandalio,” the Trotskyite-cum-Sufi, turns up with a long, vehement screed recycling the same tired charges against Antiwar.com and me, albeit worded a bit differently.... More »

Corrupt endeavor: Who lied us into war?

Published 12y ago -

If you want to know why and how the vice president’s chief of staff came to be convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice and now faces up to 20 or so years in jail and a hefty fine, then let’s go back to the winter of 2005, when prosecutor Pa... More »