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What women want: Who cares? (Part III)

Published 16y ago -

This series has been very illuminating to date. I’ve received dozens of replies and the overwhelming majority (approx. 90%) of them agree with my general observations and with the opinions that I’ve expressed on this issue. I also recently received my first re... More »

Not guilty by reason of necssity: Sophistry in action

Published 16y ago -

Kidnapping is no longer a crime in Canada, as long as the kidnapper believes that the kidnapping is necessary. This is true even if the kidnapper admits to the crime, engages in conspiracy to commit the kidnapping, plans it for weeks in advance, and flees the ... More »


What Women Want: Who Cares?

Published 17y ago -

I had no intention whatsoever of writing on this topic this week, but after reading the headlines it became obvious that I had no choice but to speak up. Based on a recent news item and a new book I again validated what most men figured out long ago: as a grou... More »

Pulling the legitimacy plug: Choosing not to vote

Published 17y ago -

Over the years I have come to the same conclusions that many others have reached, namely: a) our vaunted two-party system is a fraud, b) there is no difference between the two major parties, c) third parties are effectively precluded by design, and d) voting t... More »

Taxpayer breeder program: House of cards

Published 17y ago -

Imagine that you and your partner want to have children. Imagine that after reviewing your financial situation you discover that your income will not support a larger family. Imagine that you will receive paid maternity leave for 12 weeks. Imagine that you may... More »

“You raise the kids!” Peter pan blowback

Published 17y ago -

My last piece “If You Love Freedom…Don’t Get Married and Have Kids” elicited quite a few replies from readers. Almost all of them interpreted it as an anti-divorce rant, instead of as marriage as a non-solution to the loss of freedom in this nation... More »

Hiding in plain sight: Are you invisible?

Published 17y ago -

I’ve read many good books in my lifetime, but only several of them had major impacts on my life. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was the first, followed by Warren Farrell’s Why Men Are the Way They Are, and Ludwig von Mises’ treatise on econo... More »

Your right to privacy: Use it or lose it

Published 17y ago -

If you have money to burn, can afford to hire a team of attorneys to represent you, or aren’t dismayed by the thought of spending several years in court defending yourself, you can stop reading now. If none of the above applies to you, read on. Only you can ex... More »