Joan E. Battey

Show BioHide BioJoan E. Battey is a freelance political writer from Apalachin, NY. Her love of logical dot connecting and writing developed over many years of typesetting and proof reading in small daily newspapers; ad agency and manufacturing office secretarial work, and volunteer work in libraries, animal welfare, political campaigns, and networks of people keeping abreast of the steady "reforms" in education. She is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. Joan E. Battey can be reached at [email protected]

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Which should we choose? Time to fish or cut bait

Published 5y ago -

Today’s society is increasingly more attuned to rejecting everything it didn’t invent or decree, than it is in weighing cause, effect and possible needed solutions to problems.  With the wonders of today’s high-tech-everything, we’ve so... More »

Oh, but that’s silly? Oh, think again!

Published 6y ago -

If you laughed at earlier theorizing that advertising is not harmless, but a painless all-purpose conversion tactic, some rethinking might not come amiss. Advertising began with rudimentary efforts to let people know where to find necessities of goods and serv... More »