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Abdullah tells G.I. Joe: He’s worn out his welcome

Published 17y ago -

I don’t know how to say this, Joe, so I’ll just say it straight out. You and other U.S. soldiers have been in the Persian Gulf area for twelve years, and that’s long enough. I know you freed Kuwait from Iraq’s grip in 1991, and most Ara... More »

Chaos in Arizona: Send in the Militia

Published 17y ago -

In case the President and his entourage of political sidekicks haven’t read the Constitution lately, I call their attention to several parts of it that are especially relevant for our times. From the U.S. Constitution, Section 8: “Congress shall ha... More »

Hello 17th amendment: Goodbye Republic

Published 17y ago -

When is the last time you read, or even glanced through, the U.S. Constitution and its 26 Amendments? Me neither. I’ve had so many other important things to do I haven’t taken time to even think about what happened to the most significant document ... More »

The freedom writer’s dilemma: How to be believed

Published 17y ago -

Whoever you are, I realize that you’re probably a busy person like the rest of us. So the time you’ve got to indulge yourself in more cerebral activities–reading, writing, studying–is limited. But for a moment, I ask that you stop whate... More »

The latest U.N. magic act: Turning women into men

Published 17y ago -

Even David Copperfield couldn’t pull off this genetic switcheroo. He would need the help of a few underhanded politicians, a waffling Congress, and the half-dead, but still dangerous, United Nations, the quintessential house of illusions. So goodbye, Dav... More »

If you love freedom: Get married and have kids

Published 17y ago -

In his blockbuster book, “The Death of the West”, Pat Buchanan critically analyzes several key ingredients he envisions as responsible for the decline in the social stability of America as a nation. Among these ingredients is the dichotomous popula... More »

The bilderberg group: When and the “who?” factor

Published 17y ago -

If someone should mention the Bilderberg Group, you would probably say, “Huh? Who are they?” And predictably so. Not one person in a hundred has even heard of the Bilderberg Group, much less what it is and what it does. But it’s time we boned... More »

International criminal court: Tyranny by the minority

Published 17y ago -

Dozens of writers, including this one, have written before about the seductive nature and inherent dangers of an International Criminal Court. Not the least of which is a total disregard for our system of constitutional laws; and worse, a literal threat to Ame... More »