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Forget the impeachment: Bring in the psychotherapist

Published 13y ago -

George W. Bush sorely needs help (and quickly) in several distinct areas of mental aberration. I don’t say this maliciously or vengefully. But neither do I say it lightly. Each day, by a personal appearance, a comment, or a speech, President Bush reveals once ... More »

If world war III is inevitable: Who do we blow up?

Published 13y ago -

Two questions just rose up out of the political ashes, making it imperative that I run to my “think” room and consult my crystal ball. Question One, are we, or are we not, going to experience the horrors of another World War, this time nuclear? Question Two, i... More »

I must be getting paranoid: Where did Christmas go?

Published 14y ago -

Inside the wrapping of our morning newspaper was a note from our delivery boy who saw fit to enclose a holiday greeting with the papers he delivers. This is not only a considerate gesture on his part, but our paper is delivered right to the door, and he seldom... More »

What’s the best weapon against lies?: Your fingers

Published 14y ago -

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but there is one weapon that is mightier than both of them. And the people who have a passion for the truth-and those who don’t— are now beginning to find that out. Some people in government are nervous, of c... More »

Christian fundamentalists are supporting the wrong jews

Published 14y ago -

President Bush makes no bones about it. Israel has the unconditional support of the Christian fundamentalists. And he should know, he’s one of them. What this amounts to is that well-meaning, God-fearing, church-going fundamentalists are dancing in lock-... More »