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First strike: Tomorrow the world (Order)

Published 17y ago -

“Don’t tread on me” has taken a new meaning. Today, it means don’t accuse the government of anything evil or you’ll pay for it. Gaining momentum, the investigation into who knew what before 9/11 was effectively quelled by several ... More »

Disaster: Only days and counting

Published 17y ago -

No, I’m not talking about another “surprise” attack on the 4th of July. I’m talking about the national debt limit, again. Where are the government shutdowns? When are the “nonessential” federal employees going to be sent hom... More »

Your stolen money: Government out of control

Published 17y ago -

For years the federal government has been taking excess entitlement money and spending it elsewhere. Once vehemently denied, Congressmen are now confessing to the act of spending Social Security, Medicare and dozens of other excess contributions that they are ... More »

Playing ping-pong: With the national debt

Published 17y ago -

Haven’t you wondered why President Bush talks only about paying down “available” debt? Why he talks about paying off only $2.4 trillion of a national debt that is more than $5.7 trillion? Doesn’t this bother you just a little bit? What would you think if I tol... More »

Debt ceiling: The tip of the iceberg

Published 17y ago -

Here we go again. The granddaddy of Washington’s problems is back. For the eighth time since 1987, the national debt is about to hit its ceiling once more. Congressmen, bureaucrats, and the loyal establishment press are starting to tell us that the limit... More »

Paying down the debt: This year’s money laudering

Published 17y ago -

Almost six months into the federal government’s fiscal year, it’s far enough to predict how much money the government will save with their money laundering scam of stealing Social Security and other entitlement money to pay down one side of the debt. The side ... More »