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Surplus of lies: And tax cuts

Published 16y ago -

When they had them, Republicans and Democrats alike were anxious to tell you what great things they had accomplished, but no one told you where the surpluses came from. That was a big secret. Today, when the optimist club is telling you for the umpteenth time ... More »

Running up the debt: Like father, like son

Published 16y ago -

George Herbert Walker Bush, the original Daddy Warbucks, ran up the national debt $1.47 trillion from the day he took office until he handed the reigns over to Bill Clinton. In one presidential term, this is the largest increase to the nation’s debt so f... More »

Surpluses not gone: Just buried Enron style

Published 16y ago -

Nitwits who don’t have a clue where surpluses came from in the first place are now complaining that surpluses have disappeared. Oh, woe is us, we had it so good and now it’s all gone. What do they expect? Do they really believe that the Beltway Ban... More »

Regime change: With a little democracy thrown in

Published 16y ago -

By now, it should be obvious that if this republic is going to maintain a form of representative government we would be better off choosing our federal representatives by lottery. Send a neighbor to Washington. Just pick ’em from the phone book. Draft a ... More »

Iraqi democracy: Hypocrisy at the max

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of michael_swan under CC BY-ND 2.0. In the aftermath of crushing harmless pipsqueak Iraq, the most ludicrous idea is that we stay there until democracy is firmly in place. We are going to ensure that the newly freed Iraqi people are allowed to c... More »

Wasted energy: Protests that won’t matter

Published 17y ago -

What do you call it when the leader of the free world does not listen to the cries of the people, when the head of the greatest system of representative government does not pay attention to the will of the people? Do you call it democracy? The answer to that i... More »

Worldcom: Gets Iraq contract

Published 17y ago -

Image courtesy of البصراوي under CC BY-SA 2.0. Tuesday, May 20, 2003, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) reported that “Bankrupt US telecom firm MCI, formerly known as WorldCom, has landed a contract to begin rebuilding Iraq’s shattered telecom... More »


Red alert: Bush needs another 9/11

Published 17y ago -

No infamous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the liberated Iraqis don’t welcome us or democracy; the Taliban is reorganizing in Afghanistan; most of the people in the rest of the world think we are a bunch of empire building war mongers; people ar... More »

Posse Comitatus: Gone long ago

Published 17y ago -

As the New World Order, expanding U.S. imperialism, continues unabated and the country becomes more and more of a police state, many Americans begin to wonder about the laws that are supposed to protect them from their own military forces. Sunday, July 21, 200... More »

Ask the dog: Is Saddam really a threat?

Published 17y ago -

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. We are about to attack Iraq because our intelligence forces have determined that Saddam Hussein is an immediate, potential, possible threat to our national security if he ever finds Ollie North’s phone number o... More »

Borrowholics: Out of control

Published 17y ago -

The war hasn’t started yet has it? Sadaam didn’t deploy the Doomsday Device did he? We’re not building huge underground bunkers for Dr. Strangelove, his friends and harem, are we? Why is the Bush administration borrowing money hand over fist?... More »