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Show BioHide BioEd Henry is the founder of TUFF, the Taxpayers Union, and a regular columnist for Ether Zone. Ed Henry can be reached at [email protected] Ed's FREE pamphlet-"To The Moon, Alice" the national debt, your Social Security, and the Pay-It-Again Sam scam. We also invite you to visit his website at www.uncle-scam.com

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$2 Billion a day: Where’s it going?

Published 15y ago -

Two thousand million a day, that’s the minimum the Bush administration is borrowing every day, weekends and holidays included. In the month of July, 2003, the national debt increased $81 billion. That’s an average of $2.6 billion a day (TWENTY SIX ... More »

Your debt: Continues to rise

Published 15y ago -

The Bush administration borrowed another $62.6 billion in May. That’s slightly more than two thousand million a day added to our national tab, weekends included. Another way to look at it is that it’s more than twenty-three thousand a second, twent... More »

Posse comitatus: Do you think you’re safe?

Published 15y ago -

Despite the Patriot Act, and Patriot Act II that has been sneaking into legislation in pieces, or even the threat of martial law in the event of another terrorist attack, the average American still believes he is protected by the Posse Comitatus law of 1878. T... More »

Sink or save: The good ship America

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Jared Enos under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. The national debt went up $82.7 billion last month. If you take out weekends and holidays, that’s an increase of more than $4 billion every day Washington was open for business in the month of February.... More »

Trust: Uncle Scam

Published 15y ago -

If you can’t trust the government on the subject of trust funds, you can’t trust them on anything. • “Trust Fund balances are available to finance future benefits…but only in a bookkeeping sense…they do not consist of real economi... More »

Debt load: The real economy

Published 15y ago -

With three months to go in fiscal 2004, and four months until national elections, the Bush administration is only $110 billion short of reaching their self imposed and ridiculous statutory public debt limit. It will mean that they’ve borrowed $984 billio... More »

What’s the rush?: Count votes by hand

Published 15y ago -

After month upon months, almost a full year, of boring us to death with their promises, attack ads, gossip, and debates on topics they somehow decided were most important, what’s another week or so? Why should we rush to get election results on the same ... More »

Fraud from Uncle Sam

Published 15y ago -

Does it make sense that we increase the national debt, our own indebtedness, by giving money to the federal government? Does it seem reasonable or rational that we are buying debt just as though we walked into the U.S. Treasury, plunked down a bundle of cash, ... More »

Your debt at the end of fiscal 2004

Published 15y ago -

The 2004 fiscal year ended Thursday, September 30th, the same day as the first presidential debates. This is the day when, as a not-for-profit organization, the government’s books must be brought to a balance of zero, the same number as the points scored... More »

What a crock: Reasons for not releasing photos

Published 15y ago -

After Congress viewed hundreds of new images from Iraqi prisons, about 1,800 images shown for two seconds each, the New York Times published anarticle covering some of the responses from our representatives and their reasons for probably suppressing these imag... More »

Covert: And collateral damage

Published 15y ago -

We are living in a period of contradiction and hypocrisy. There is hardly a subject anyone can point to and say; this is the country I was brought up to believe in, respect, and trust. If not caused by our leadership, this confusion is at least enhanced by our... More »

Poor George: Systemic intelligence failure

Published 15y ago -

The saga continues. Was President Bush the innocent dupe of misleading information about Iraq’s weaponry? As the British put it, was he the victim of “sexed up” information—a question that seems to say more about the British libido than anything el... More »