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Show BioHide BioDoug Schmitz is a conservative columnist who regularly contributes to Intellectualconservative.com, BushCountry.org and has been a frequent guest columnist for Accuracy in Media (www.aim.org.). He is a regular columnist to Ether Zone. Doug Schmitz can be reached at: [email protected]

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Meet Bob Woodward: Cheerleader-in-chief for Al-Queda

Published 12y ago -

“Mortuary Bob is back, and that looks like fresh mud on his boots.  Has he been hanging out at Memory Garden Acres again? …Curiously, the New York Times got excerpts of the book first; curious because editors of newspapers usually don’t wink and smile when ass... More »

Benedict Arnett: Purveryor or anti-U.S. propaganda

Published 15y ago -

“Everyone knows that there’s…a heavy liberal persuasion among correspondents.”                           – Walter Cronkite at the Radio and TV Correspondents Assoc. Dinner, March 21, 1996 While the anti-Bush propaganda machines of Dan Rather ... More »