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Show BioHide BioWith a rich background of experiences from having lived, worked and traveled all over the United States, Deborah draws source material for her free-lance articles from a strong sense of family and a desire to leave her children and grandchildren their rightful heritage - an America with their freedoms preserved. She is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. We invite you to visit her new website at:debv.com Deborah Venable can be reached at : [email protected]

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Shame of America: In trying times

Published 16y ago -

Recently, I reprinted on my own website an article written by Tony Parsons and published by The Daily Mirror – a British publication – on September 11, 2002. The title of that article is, Shame On You America-Hating Liberals. It always amazes me to... More »

A good war president: Have we got a man on it?

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Expert Infantry under CC BY 2.0. It is 2003 now – midway through the presidency of George W. Bush. I can only imagine the flurry and bustle to put together a State of the Union Speech for him to give later this month. You know quite a f... More »

Speechless!: How long before it’s true?

Published 17y ago -

We have known for a long while now that the enemies of liberty have been systematically encroaching on America’s Heritage. Political correctness has been the card-carrying soldier against unique American individualism for so long that it takes something ... More »

Nothing to worry about: Spies are U.S.

Published 17y ago -

As “free” American citizens in an ever more callous and duped state of indifference, I really don’t know why we should all be worried that “one in twenty-four” of us will become “snitches” for the government. That won&... More »

Over one hurdle: On to the next?

Published 17y ago -

For weeks prior to Independence Day 2002, we were subjected to rumors of an all-out attack against “critical targets” on our soil by those dastardly enemies of freedom who wish to see us all dead or converted to Islam. Now, as the one highly public... More »