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John Kerry medals? The grand poseur

Published 14y ago -

Teresa Heinz-Kerry, widow of republican heir to the Heinz fortune and now married to democrat John Kerry, candidate for president, spoke at the democrat convention in Boston and said of her current husband: “He earned his medals the old fashioned way.... More »

American mosques: Minority Jihadist terrorism

Published 15y ago -

It was like a ghost town in modern trappings. Joggers were gone from the streets, no kids in the playground, empty stores and schools. Folks pretty much hid in their homes or if they couldn’t, went about their daily business with a furtiveness that had one alw... More »

Heads up! It’s terrorism: Terror in the beltway

Published 15y ago -

For over a week, I have been watching and listening to the media tell us it’ s some “lone-gunman”, David Berkowitz-wannabe, ex-military sniper or gun loving psychopath on a spree. NO! It’s straight out of the Terrorists Handbook and if you have any doubts, jus... More »

Is anybody out there?: In God we trust

Published 15y ago -

“God gave us our rights and it is government’s charge to protect them for us.” Chief Justice Roy Moore said these words on C-SPAN this morning as he explained (for probably the millionth time in his public life recently) to the moderator that there is no “sepa... More »

Terror bombs…: Murder and the media

Published 16y ago -

“Any person who doesn’t think we need to go to war on Islamofacism …let me take them through a Melbourne hospital where a young woman survivor, if you could call her that, is in intensive care. Here are her injuries: Burns to 90% of her body Amputated le... More »

Beam me up! By public record

Published 16y ago -

There’s No Intelligent Life In Big Government The One-Minute Addresses of Rep. James Traficant are a matter of public record, paid for by (and property of) the People of the United States of America. It’s a tradition in the U.S. House—following the... More »